Back Support: Don’t Make Your Injury Worse


If you have a back injury, the worst thing you can do is to make it worse by bad posture, inappropriate sitting, and discomfort. Among one of the worst things you can do is ride in the car for long periods of time. Chiropractors tell us that if you have a pulled muscle, disc injury, or any other injury to your spine or lower back, support is the best thing you can do. Here are some tips when riding in the car or sitting on uncomfortable chairs at work which will help you heal, instead of adding insult to injury.

1) Watch your posture

Sitting slouched in the car seat or chair will contribute to the problem and sometimes make it worse. Try to be conscious of your sitting position and sit up as straight as possible at all times. Even though you might think this would be uncomfortable, it is the best thing you can do when you have an injury or are trying to avoid one.

Back Support


2) Cushion your lower back

If you must sit on a hard or uncomfortable chair, place a cushion behind your back, especially at the source of injury. In the case of a pulled muscle, it will be inflamed, making it very sensitive. So anything you can put between your back and the chair will lessen the strain.

3) Hot and Cold

Apply hot and cold gel packs to the source of injury, alternating between hot and cold. Heat tends to treat the injury by relaxing muscles while cold relieves the pain by reducing inflammation. Doing both will relax and sooth the muscles and make them more flexible over time and thus, heal faster.

4) Exercise

Gentle exercise, when you have an injury, will help loosen joints and soothe injured or compromised muscles. Just don’t overdo it, as this will make it worse. Take your time, doing slow stretching exercises to increase flexibility.

5) Rest

Equally important is resting the muscles if you have a back injury, so they can heal gradually and naturally. Time is the only things that will heal it completely, but rest allows your body to heal itself by reducing activity in the injured area.

These are just a few tips that will help if you have a pulled muscle or back injury. A combination of hot and cold gel packs, stretching exercises, and rest will help the affected muscles to heal naturally. Chiropractic adjustments may help if your injury is associated with the spinal column or joints. Make sure you are sitting comfortably and that you have adequate and comfortable support using gel packs and cushions that provide relief and gentle healing. Take care of yourself if you have a back injury. It only takes a few seconds to injure yourself, but it takes a long time to heal. Prevention is the best cure, by being aware of your posture in the car and other places which can lead to back pain and injuries. Follow these tips for better back care and remember to use gel cushions for soothing support.

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