How to Hire a Private Car for Business Transportation

There are a few different types of private cars for hire, namely limos, taxis, and more recently, drivers working for companies like Uber and Lyft. Of course, there are pluses and minuses to hiring each of these. Uber and Lyft cars, for example, claim to be cheaper. And while they do offer conveniences like the ability to pay with your phone and extras like mobile tracking capabilities, there is some concern that these drivers may not go through the same level of background checks as their professional counterparts, not to mention the fact that they don’t carry commercial insurance, which means passengers involved in accidents likely won’t be covered.

And then there are cabs, which can be expensive and, well, uncomfortable. Limos are probably the nicest option, depending on how far you’re going, as they often provide flat rates, they offer comfort and class, and they come equipped with professional and discreet drivers. In truth, it is probably this last option that you’ll prefer for business transportation. But is there a proper way to go about hiring private cars for your business needs?

If you own and operate a company and you are not beholden to a board or shareholders, you pretty much have carte blanche to operate as you see fit. If, however, you are an employee or executive that is answering to a higher power, you’ll have to be careful about how you behave on the company dime. A good place to start is by asking about policies and limits pertaining to transportation expenses. There is likely some provision for cost associated with mileage or a per diem sort of allowance that can offer you guidelines to follow where expense is concerned. Just keep in mind that options like limos could end up costing less than cabs for long trips, say between an airport and a business district, if a flat rate applies. In other words, do a little research before assuming that one option will be pricier than others.

You should also find out if your company does business with a preferred vendor when it comes to transportation for hire. This information could help you to select the appropriate form of transportation when you travel for business. You might also need to hire transportation for visiting clients, vendors, business associates, and so on. The level of comfort and cost you select could depend on the event and who the transportation is for, so if you’re unsure about the appropriate type of business car to hire, it’s probably best to speak with your supervisor. Generally speaking, you always want to follow company policy so as to avoid getting in trouble, or worse, having to pay out-of-pocket for this business expense.

Most companies are concerned about the cost of hiring a car for business transportation, so you should always exercise due diligence in terms of comparison shopping for the lowest rates. But keep in mind that a company like Select Black Car and Limo could actually offer the best prices for your planned trip, along with the most comfort, convenience, and class. When it doubt, don’t hesitate to ask your superiors for the go-ahead.

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