How to Professionally Detail Your Car at Home

Taking your car to the car wash is one thing, but getting it professionally detailed is another. Everyone loves that amazing feeling when you jump back into your car after having it detailed. Although, its affect on your checking account can be instantly sobering. You just can’t beat the feeling of the freshly vacuumed carpets, conditioned dashboard, and spotless windows and mirrors. That said, there’s a lot of ways you can do that all by yourself if you can’t afford to go to the pros, like Word of Mouth Auto Detailing Services. You just need a full afternoon on your hands. If you’re looking to get the fresh feeling without the buyer’s remorse, here’s how to professionally detail your car at home.

  1. Scrub your rims. One of the major things that you’ll notice, which separates a decent car wash from a great car wash, is the rims. When you’re washing your car, you want to make sure to grab a sponge and scrub out all the dirt and grime on your rims. You will also want to hand dry them so that you’re not left with streaks or water spots.
  2. Condition your dashboard. Be sure to take a dry cloth and gently wipe all the dust and debris off of your dashboard, out of your cup holders, your center console and all other parts that are made of like material. Just go ahead and push it all toward the floor – you will vacuum it all at the end. Then you want to get some kind of cleaner that is made specially for your dashboard and wipe it all down. Be sure to get into all the little slots in your vents and the handles in your doors. You want to really cover every square inch from one side of your car to the other.
  3. Vacuum the entire car. Of course, no car detailing job is complete without a thorough vacuuming. Be sure to pull out the foot rugs below, shake them out and then vacuum them on the ground. Then get to the entire car from the seats to the floors. Also, you want to be sure to get to all your vents and and trays.
  4. Clean your seats. No matter what material your seats are made of, you’re going to want to vacuum them really well. Get deep into the creases and make sure you really get everything. If you have leather seats, be sure to scrape off anything that you couldn’t get with the vacuum, then treat the leather with a soft rag and some leather conditioner. If your seats are made of some kind of fabric, be sure to treat any stains after you finish vacuuming, then spray them with the air freshener of your choice.
  5. Clean your windows. It’s always best to clean your windows last, once you’re done kicking up a bunch of dust and spraying a bunch of cleaners. Be sure to use a towel that doesn’t leave behind too much lint and get both sides of every window. Voilà you have a detailed car and a happy wallet!

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