Many opportunities available for would-be drivers

When you think of “truck drivers,” you generally think of men in 18-wheelers who travel the highways day and night. Many Americans don’t realize that there are a huge number of different job possibilities for truckers. Today, truck drivers haul a wide variety of products on several different types of trailers.
The most common type of trailer is the refrigerated trailer, or “reefer.” With these trailers, a special unit inside the box-style trailer runs at all times in order to keep the merchandise on board, most generally food, at a safe, cool temperature. Refrigerated trailers are generally used to haul goods from warehouses to stores, and from suppliers to restaurants all over the country.

Many opportunities available for would-be drivers

Flatbed trailers are another common type that you likely see every day. These trailers are used to haul many different types of items. Some are used for moving construction materials, such as sheetrock, as well as large pieces of construction equipment. Due to the open nature of the trailer, the goods on a flatbed must be covered with tarps or other specialized coverings when wet weather threatens in order to keep the items safe, clean, and dry. These types of trailers require the driver to pay even closer attention to the load and how it is secured in order to get everything where it is going on time.

Several different styles of flat bed trailers, including the “low boy,” are used frequently in hauling large, oversize loads. Many times these large loads are made up of important equipment, materials and parts, or even work and construction vehicles that are too large or too slow to be taken on the road by themselves. These types of trailers require a leader, or pilot car, to go ahead and make sure the road is clear and passable for the new, large load.

If the itch to drive has struck you, then you can get started by finding the type of job you would like. The trucking industry has a huge number of jobs available in all areas from refrigerated trailers to dry vans and even specialized transportation vehicles. Truckers help keep the world moving by delivering goods, and it’s a noble profession to undertake. To learn more about the trucking industry, contact your nearest recruiter or trucking professional to get the scoop.

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