Opel Astra TCR a new Astra racing for Frankfurt

In the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the German automaker Opel will show its new car racing-client, called TCR Opel Astra, designed for racing cars with the same name, TCR Series, where Spanish riders involved Pepe Oriola and Jordi Gené, and which will be measured against the SEAT Leon, Honda Civic, Audi TT and Volkswagen Golf.

AutoOpened in 2015, this TCR Series competition has three branches (national, continental and international), where all the cars share rules and, therefore, are identical and can be used in any race TCR celebrated worldwide. For this reason, the future Astra TCR mount a 2-liter turbocharged 330 hp and 410 Nm, as other competitors.

The future car racing-client Opel is still under development, and testing does not begin until October, so we have to wait a while for more technical details on the model. “The race cars have always been an important part of Opel. The philosophy of the new TCR series corresponds to our idea of race-customer. We want to provide ambitious private teams the ideal platform to compete with reasonable costs,” says Tina Müller, Opel Chief Marketing Officer.

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