Road accidents: who YOU should call?

You race over B-roads and C-roads, taking in the poetry of motion in your boxy sports car. The surroundings of the countryside blur while you race up the motorway, your left foot mashing the accelerator pedal as though you were wearing concrete shoes.

There is no better feeling than this. Night-time, with the headlights on and the gentle hum of your engine, the highway stretched out before you like a blank canvas to a masterly painter.

But you’re not the only person who speeds up the highway at night – but it’s only when disaster strikes that you realise this.

A Range Rover suddenly screeches into view, causing you to hit the brakes in fright. You lose control, your car skidding in ever-decreasing circles. Eventually, it slows to a halt. Your spine is aching and your neck feels like a pipe cleaner, but you’re safe.

Fatal consequences

The same can’t be said for many others who suffer similar accidents.

In 2013, 1,731 people were killed in road accidents across the UK. This knowledge seldom seems to affect sputtering petrolheads, however. Instead they carry on speeding, driving erratically and racing up highways in the dead of night.

That’s why the heavy hand of the law has to intervene as often as possible. While Jeremy Clarkson might shrug off speeding laws as though they were an irritating symptom of the nanny state, the reality is that car safety laws prevent many deaths every year.

But what should you do if an unruly driver injures you? Whether you’re a pedestrian or another driver, it’s time to contact the claims professionals.

The claims process is a real deterrent to dodgy drivers. People might not care about points on their license, but they will care about a large amount of cash disappearing from their account.

Getting in touch with the pros

So what do you have to if you want to get in touch with a road injury claim expert?

First, off, you have to pick up the phone. From there you’ll be put through to a claims expert who will assess your accident. It can be an awkward situation to discuss a traumatic incident like a car accident, but knowing that you’re on the line to a professional should relax you.

If your claim has some value, it’s time to grab your magnifying glass and collect evidence. In a road accident, this can amount to anything from speed camera footage to witness statements. Even the smallest, seemingly innocuous piece of evidence could be the hinge that breaks your case wide open, so be thorough.

After this, the heavy lifting is largely left to your legal representation. The important task is to know that you’ve got a solicitor you can trust.

So if you’ve encountered a dodgy driver on the road – you know who to contact.

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