Start Profitable GPS Tracking Business With GPSWOX White Label Solutions

Do you have a fleet of vehicles that you want to track while they are out in the field? Are you worried your car may get stolen? Do you wish to start a GPS tracking business? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you are going to need a vehicle tracking software. Technology has undeniably made our lives easier. From simple activities like studying to more time consuming tasks like shopping have gotten streamlined. The same applies to vehicle tracking. Today, you can keep track of your vehicles from your smartphones or laptops as long as you have an internet connection and an appropriate tracking software.

There are a horde of these tracking software to be found, with each offering a different combination of features. However, businesses are looking for a simple, useful and cost-effective solution and they can find it in the form of GPSWOX. It is one of the best GPS tracking applications out there and is being used by hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world. One of the primary reasons it has gained popularity globally is the fact it is user-friendly. It is easy to set up and begin using it for your tracking needs.

You just need your email for signing up and creating an account. Once your account is made, you can add the devices and vehicles you wish to track. The program allows you to manage everything from the browser on your PC or you can also use the application for this purpose. Another unique feature of GPSWOX is that it allows businesses as well as individuals to keep track of their vehicles and devices in the case of certain events. For instance, you will be instantly alerted if your vehicle enters a specific geo-zone or exits it. You are informed via email and also through system popup window.

Profitable GPS Tracking Business

In the case of vehicles, GPSWOX also assists a business in checking the fuel consumption of each as well as the amount of fuel in the tank. The rapid acceleration, speeding and braking of the vehicle can be followed, which gives you an idea about the performance of the driver. The driver’s behavior can be modified in this way, which prevents accidents and also saves fuel. A business can also reduce its insurance costs with GPSWOX because it adds a layer of security to your vehicle and keeps it safe from theft and fraud.

As far as cost of GPSWOX is concerned for a tracking business, it can be used for free and this particular package offers you limited features. For those looking for more advanced features can opt for other packages such as Corporate and Pro, which are aimed more at businesses and companies that have to track numerous devices and vehicles. Navigating the program is relatively straightforward and it can work on a number of devices. Moreover, it can generate reports that can come in handy and all data is saved in the history section, which can be accessed at any point.

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