The clutch or clutch is an essential part of the manual cars so it is very important to give it the correct use and thus avoid a breakdown. The bad habits with which they end up causing a wear of the mechanism.Inadequate driving behavior, in addition to causing road safety risks and exorbitant fuel costs, also affect the mechanics of the car.

Although there are factory problems, it is common for the clutch sensitivity to wear out due to the owner’s malpractice, so the warranty does not cover the repairs. If you do not want, in the long run, your bad habits to end the life of the clutch, follow this infallible advice:

1. Maintain a correct functioning of the heart of the vehicle

Tips to take care of the clutch of your car
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The engine, for this you must lower its temperature by means of cooling liquids and lubricants, which avoid over useless efforts and the wear of the clutch.

2.Start by accelerating gently so that the clutch does not slip

The idea is to start the engine by releasing the pedal progressively and accelerating without the engine exceeding 1,200-1,300 rpm. In addition, if possible, it is recommended to wait a few minutes until the engine acquires a suitable temperature. Urban traffic, sloping starts and maneuvers when parking, are the moments when the clutch suffers the most.

3.Do not rest your left foot on the clutch pedal, place it on the footrest

Tips to take care of the clutch of your car
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Many drivers because of insecurity or comfort circulate with the foot on this mechanism, which causes that it skids of the continuous form, causing that it burns in few kilometers and thus shortening its life.

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4.Always push the pedal fully to change gears.

Tips to take care of the clutch of your car
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If you do not, you will subject the system to excessive friction and the coupling of the gears, which will not be as soft as it should, could also scratch the clutch considerably. This is significant in this example: after traveling 10,000 kilometers of the road you could change gear more than 50,000 times. To ensure that the clutch is firmly in place, make sure your seat is properly adjusted longitudinally.

Avoid releasing it too fast or uncoordinated with the movement of the hand over the gear lever, as this creates stress on the clutch.

5.Set Neutral in High Total

At traffic lights, you are in the neutral position without stepping on the clutch because otherwise, you will be subjecting the clutch to an unnecessary overexertion. This habit should also be avoided in cars with Start & Stop use since the system that is designed to save fuel does not stop the engine if we do not release the clutch.

7.Drive with both hands on the steering wheel

Tips to take care of the clutch of your car
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It may seem silly, but driving with one hand on the steering wheel and another on the lever offers extra pressure that ends up being detrimental to the clutch.

8.Control the clutch point to hold the car with the brake

If you have to brake in an emergency situation use the clutch but forget to control the car with this mechanism as you will subject its components to a futile friction. Drivers must have absolute control of the clutch travel point in order to release the brake and step on the accelerator quickly and smoothly to prevent the car from being stopped and the clutch remaining halfway. This problem does not have modern cars as it is increasingly common to incorporate the assistance system on slopes that helps the vehicle not to go back for a few seconds, seconds needed to accelerate and resume the march.

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