Air Conditioning Spends Fuel: How To Save

Spends Fuel

Want to know if the air conditioner spends fuel? Discover the answer to one of the most common questions in the automotive universe.

You’ve probably heard (and reproduced) a few myths about the automotive world. Does Air Conditioning Spend Fuel? The answer is yes. There is no (even) back to give: if you want to save on gasoline or diesel. Be aware of the frequent use of air conditioning.

Still, do not forget: air conditioning is considered an active safety element since it allows regulating the temperature and humidity inside the passenger compartment. But there is more: air conditioning contributes in the fight against fatigue caused by too much heat. Or against the effects caused by too low temperatures. Continue reading-15 Tips To Drive Economically

f you want to save, bet on eco-driving. When you turn on the air conditioner you are activating a compressor that will require power to the engine of your car. Air conditioning, therefore, spends fuel and, on cars with lower engine speeds, leads to a slight loss of engine power. According to recent data, air conditioning can consume up to half a liter of fuel per hour and represent an increase in consumption of about 20% to 30%.Spends Fuel

However, do not believe that traveling with the windows open will help you save fuel and refresh the vehicle’s interior. If you choose to open the windows will affect the aerodynamics of the car. Which ultimately aggravates fuel consumption, especially above 80 km / h.

Therefore, use the air conditioner only when you need it. To avoid large temperature variations, turn off the air conditioning a few minutes before arriving at your destination.


Now that you know the air conditioner is running on fuel, be sure to ensure that it is maintained. The cleaning of the ducts of the air conditioning must be done every two years. As well as the replacement of the filter of the passenger compartment.

If you notice that the system is not able to reduce the temperature of the passenger compartment or the emanation an unpleasant odor, then there is a malfunction. The most common problems of air conditioning are associated with errors in the electrical system or the lack of gas (which is caused by a leak in the circuit), the latter being the most common cause. Do not forget: any maintenance should always be carried out by a qualified technician.

In order to ensure that the air conditioner works properly. It must be switched on every week to ensure that the system remains oiled and, above all, to promote gas circulation.

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