Author: Russell

New car models are concentrating more and more technology. To reach them, without having to renew your vehicle, add high-tech accessories Here is a small selection of gadgets that will modernize or improve your motorcoach and drive equipped. There is something for every need and budget.
The logos of many brands are current these days due to the coronavirus. Several manufacturers have slightly modified them for an informative purpose: to show the importance of social distancing measures to stop the pandemic. Temporary changes aside, it is a part of the cars that usually go unnoticed even though some have a story behind that deserves to be told. These are some of the curiosities of car logos that you did not know.
The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth gave more than a scare but assured fun. A real wolf in sheep's clothing. In the 1960s, the American manufacturer Ford had achieved numerous triumphs with models such as the Cortina, Galaxy, Falcon, Mustang or Capri, but they began to be surpassed by BMW and, especially, Rover in the competitions in which they entered lists. Therefore, in the 70s and until the middle of the following decade, the American brand put the brakes on all investments dedicated to competition.
Who has never been left lying with the smoking engine? Well just in case you are one of the lucky few who has not had this unpleasant experience, we are going to give you a few tips on what to do if the engine overheats. The main thing, of course, is that you look at the engine temperature gauge from time to time, although practically all vehicles will warn you lightly or even acoustically that something is wrong with the degrees that the engine compartment should have. . Of course, if you smell singe or start to see smoke, the first thing you should do? ... keep reading.
A good car lover takes care of him like a son. There should be no excuse for not taking care of it and giving the love it deserves to the partner who is in every daily adventure. This is why these 10 car tips for the care of our vehicle must be taken into account.