Part of being a responsible vehicle owner is knowing when parts need replaced or worked on. While you may be familiar with oil changes or tire rotations, fuel filters must also be regularly checked and replaced. Below lists why this is important as well as how often your filter needs replaced.
A seemingly endless range of threats are poised and ready to cause damage to your vehicle every time you head down the road. Among the most nefarious in some drivers' minds is the possibility of a major hail storm. This pesky precipitation can leave dings and dents all over a car, practically ruining the look of a vehicle that cost tens of thousands of dollars. For those armed with the simple tips outlined below, however, this frustrating experience does not need to lead to a lengthy hassle and expensive repairs.
In order to keep everyone who uses our roads safe, vehicles have to adhere to certain rules. There’s more to this than driving on the left and not parking on zebra crossings, though. For commercial and working vehicles there are specific rules governing how they look.
Taking a road trip is a fun way to make the most out of your vacation time. As you head to your destination, whether it’s a relative’s home or a national landmark, you can enjoy some quality time with your passengers. While this can be a great way to bond and make memories, a road trip can quickly turn into a disaster if you don’t keep some considerations in mind.

What was your first car? It’s a popular question at parties when things are going a little slow and you desperately need to connect on some level, socially with the person in front of you. As first cars are usually either A; bought by your...

Your friends traveled with you on a two-week adventure all across the state of Florida. It was the trip of a lifetime as you moved from scenic spot to hot night club to a favorite bar and grill. As the adventure came to an end, it was time to head home, and you all piled into the car for the last leg of the journey home. As you came to a stop at a red light, you heard sirens in the distance and wondered what was going on. You didn’t have long to wait as another vehicle hit your car with enough force to move yours at least 20 feet. What a big ending to an epic trip – now what?
Although his love of cars is not as well known, probably because he does not boast of them on social networks, the Argentine forward of FC Barcelona has a remarkable collection of cars where he mixes sports cars with large SUVs and where he shows some 'mundane' model. We review the best lionel Messi cars and add some bonus track to be confirmed.
Within our Top 5, most expensive pickups on the market are two Ford models, one Chevrolet, one Ram, and one Nissan. Here we present these vehicles that, in addition to being perfect for hard work, offer a lot of comforts, safety, and cutting-edge technology.

Van accessories can suit a range of needs, allowing you to tailor it around your needs and usage, all without costing a fortune. Image Credit Extras can improve security and boost the attractiveness or the carrying capacity of the van. Here we discuss the top van accessories...

Often you will see damage in commercial van panels. The damage may seem minimal; however, where protective primer is removed, the internal panel is exposed, which risks rust. Image Credit Once rust starts it gets worse very quickly, causing costly damage and loss of value. Protecting your van...

OEM motorcycle parts make your machine faster and give you an edge in safety, wherever you are riding. Good riding techniques improve your rides, too, whether you are on the a two-lane road or six-land freeway. Here are 10 tips to put you in the...

We grouped the 15 urban cars with lower fuel consumption in the city, both gasoline or diesel as well as those with low emissions (hybrids, CNG and LPG) and ignoring electric ones, with zero consumption. We focus on consumption in the city and not in a mixed city because the streets of the municipalities are their natural habitat and where they will be used the most. A very practical list that can help you decide if you want a car to comfortably move around your city, saving as much as possible.