The automobile has evolved enormously throughout its history, any model from the beginning of the last century with a current one is incomparable, and the trend continues. In reality, it is going to be more, since the cars of our time will hardly resemble those that will come in the future. New technologies, safety and the tendency to autonomous driving will change not only the vision of the cities of the future but also our cars. These are, therefore, 8 elements that the car of the future will not have.
The next year 2018 will be loaded with news in the automotive world. Therefore, we wanted to gather some of the most interesting to show you seven of the most interesting cars that a priori will see the light in 2018. 1.Mercedes-AMG Project One 2.BMW 8 Series 3.Audi Q8 4.Jaguar I-Pace 5.Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door 6.Lamborghini Urus 7.BMW X2
The arrival of autumn is increasingly evident. Rains, dry leaves and wind can compromise the state not only of the roads, so we all have to take care of our driving in the fall , but also affect our cars , especially the body. In order to protect your car from the weather , here are five simple tips, which come from the hand of Certified First, which will improve and maintain the appearance of your car: 1.Humidity 2.Dry leaves 3.parking 4.Rain 5.Cleaning
There are many vehicles with a few years behind them, either because of their production, their benefits or for other reasons ... makes them interesting and that at this moment their price has dropped and most common mortals can afford. Maybe in their day they cost too much and you could not make the one you liked, so we show you 8 of those interesting future classics that now you can afford to buy them.
Convertible cars generate both affection and repulsion. In fact, they sell more than you think and it is that there are many followers of this model of car that can bring you different sensations and experiences when driving.Whether you are in the group of fans or detractors, this article can serve to clarify the ideas in case you want to buy a convertible at some point in your life.
The driving position is a key factor that affects all people who get behind the wheel of any car. It is important because we spend many hours behind the wheel and you have to find that comfortable driving that helps reduce fatigue. But it is also a vital component if you travel safely since in case of an accident the consequences will be greater or less depending on the posture.

Arguably, the most important maintenance task you can perform on your car is a regularly scheduled oil change. Surprisingly, this happens to also be the most neglected of vehicle maintenance tasks. Which is a real shame, as oil changes are easy enough that they can...

The clutch or clutch is an essential part of the manual cars so it is very important to give it the correct use and thus avoid a breakdown. The bad habits with which they end up causing a wear of the mechanism.
Choosing good covers for our wheels is much more important than it may seem at first sight, not only for comfort but for another fundamental aspect such as safety.The correct maintenance of the covers must allow us to have a good adhesion in the turn by the curve and to reduce in an important way the risk of suffering a fall or a puncture. That is why, regularly checking and changing the tires of the bicycle, should become something much more habitual. 4 Best road cycling covers- 1.Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II 2.Schwalbe One 3.Michelin Pro 4 4.Michelin Lithion 2
Have you recently finished high school and are debating your future career prospects with no luck?If continuing your education in college or university isn’t your thing, there are still many viable career paths that can lead to financial success in the future. One of these career paths is truck driving, which is a highly in-demand job in an industry that isn’t going to disappear anytime soon.Here are 5 reasons that pursuing a career in the transport industry as a truck driver is worth considering.
To extend the useful life of your car, performing a proper maintenance of the car is required. Spaniards hardly spend an average of $100 per month on the maintenance of the car, a small amount depending on the park we have and, especially, the age of the same. The amount is so low because many drivers do not adequately perform the maintenance of their cars, which in addition to not promoting road safety can cause major breakdowns of such a high cost of repair that would even force them to have to change cars.