Formula 1 is continuing with plans to introduce a budget cap by 2021. It’s part of an attempt to make the sport more attractive. The aim is to set the budget cap at $150 million and distribute more equitable prize money. Image Credit  Potential impact on the...

May 2018 will see the introduction of new MOT laws. Here is a look at what motorists need to know. Image Credit Tougher tests Vehicles will rated as dangerous, major or minor after undergoing rigorous emission tests. Those with minor defects will be able to pass their MOTs,...

Rain is a concern for thousands of drivers who have to face their daily journeys. We all know that extreme caution must be exercised when driving under these conditions and that is why we compile a series of important tips. And if there is a feared phenomenon when the rainfall is intense, that is the aquaplaning. It is positioned as one of the main causes of accidents with rain. That is why we explain what it is and how to avoid it.
According to a study carried out jointly by Soledad and Michelin Tires at the beginning of 2010, 54% of drivers drive with incorrect tire pressure in their vehicles, which has an impact on the duration of the tires and, much more importantly, insecurity. Now that most of us will make long trips to our holiday destinations, it is even more important. Remember that we already talked about this series of tips on how to properly load the boot and on how to measure the oil level.

15 Tips To Drive Economically

  1. Try to drive evenly
  2. Avoid fast acceleration in the first gear
  3. Switch to a higher gear
  4. Avoid bends in second gear
  5. Pull up as slowly as possible
  6. Regularly check tire pressure
  7. Slowly warm your engine
  8. Avoid excessive use of the air conditioning
  9. Avoid excessive use of the rear window heater
  10. Regularly replace the fuel filters
  11. Let the car roll out without pushing the clutch
  12. Drive behind larger vehicles
  13. Do not just get in
  14. Use TriboTex
  15. Drive as evenly as possible in the traffic jam
New car, new life. It is likely that you have ever experienced the experience of the brand new car, and as you know, it is an extraordinary feeling. In fact, it is so extraordinary that many would like it to last forever. That's why we're going to help you make it possible with the help of you, which gives us all the keys to know  how you should treat your new car from the beginning so that it lasts for many years and meets all the requirements that need