A Buying Guide For Caravan Covers

Guide For Caravan Covers

Buying a caravan can be expensive but a worthy investment if you love to travel. That being said, getting the right RV cover is vital to protect the vehicle when not in use. A quality cover keeps away dirt, mold, and also safeguards the caravan from changing weather.

Manufacturers innovate caravan covers through the years. It starts by using heavy materials that can damage the vehicle’s exterior. Then comes the fabric covers which are lightweight and more breathable to prevent moisture and mold buildup. However, it can still destroy the car’s paint in the long run.

Here is an article to discuss more things that you should know about caravan covers.

Why Buy a Caravan Cover?

A caravan cover is not among the priorities when buying a vehicle unlike air conditioner and other accessories, but is highly recommended. First, it safeguards the vehicle from various external elements, such as mildew, dirt, and bird droppings. These things have a great impact on the car’s paint making it more difficult to clean. It may also result in extreme damage that could degrade its value and would add up expenses.

Other benefits of a caravan cover include:

  • It applies to outdoor trips to keep yourself warm during harsh conditions.
  • The covering is not limited to the caravan’s exterior but also benefits the inside temperature. It also protects the things inside from the sun’s exposure, including a number of equipment like car seats and air conditioner.
  • It avoids accumulating too much dirt especially when you go for trips frequently. Major issues like dust and mold buildup are prevented.

Caravan Cover Size Matters

There is a proper way to make sure you are getting the right size of cover for your RV. It should be snug-fitting and easy to adjust in case the cover is too big for the caravan. Manufacturers had to offer different sizes of caravan cover depending on the RV type.

It could be hard for first time buyers to select a cover that fits their caravan. So, start by measuring the body length and width of the caravan which excludes the front and rear section, as well as the spare wheels and tool kit. This is called the standard measurement; the basis of most manufacturers. Show the result to the seller to help you speed up the buying process.

Things to Consider When Buying Caravan Covers

Having an idea of choosing a high-quality cover for your caravan will save you money and effort. In addition to that, a premium price does not guarantee the best item possible thus you should buy according to your needs.

Here are the important factors to keep in mind when deciding which caravan cover to buy:

  • Type

Since RVs come in different sizes and shapes, finding the right type of cover can be crucial. Covering for motorhomes, pop-top caravan, and camper trailers are just a few examples. Each option has to offer different levels of protection. For instance, the tire cover requires a thicker material compared to the dashboard cover for better durability. Such factors are best to consider when buying an RV cover.

  • Quality

It is so tempting to buy a cheaper RV cover if it is your first time getting one. However, it becomes pricier in the long run as some affordable products are not that durable. The quality of the cover does not fully depend on the price but with lots of factors hence choose to pick something that could end up saving money.

In addition to that, you can ask if the RV cover comes with a warranty to add up to your advantage. Try to compare items from one brand to another to find the best deals. Some affordable caravan covers are also worth every penny.

  • Material Used

It is mentioned earlier that caravan covers are made of a variety of materials. This plays a vital role to identify which one can deliver the best protection for your vehicle. See whether the material has sharp edges that could scratch windows and other parts of the vehicle. You can opt for lightweight covers and still be sturdy against the strong wind to avoid damaging your car. Therefore, it is important to have some knowledge of the different materials for RV covers.

  • Waterproof

Even caravan covers that claim a waterproof feature are not totally waterproof. This can cause vehicles to sweat and eventually form mold and mildew. Water-resistance will greatly depend on the vehicle itself thus a roof panel is added to improve breathability. It is also made to protect other accessories such as air conditioners, antennas, and many more.

  • Brand

There are a lot of brands that sell quality covers for caravans at a reasonable price. The items offered shall best suit a wide range of RV types with the size selection available. Getting the right size of covering is not that easy as you must consider the length, height, and width of your caravan.

Reputable brands additionally ensure unmatched quality and are trying to innovate products using high-quality materials. It includes RV covers that can withstand all weather conditions due to double-stitched corners and non-abrasive lining.

Where to Buy High-Quality Caravan Covers?

Finding a wide range of covers available for your RV or caravan is made easier by today’s market. They come in different sizes wherein choosing one can be challenging. Hence, identifying your vehicle’s size can help you not to pick the wrong cover size and shape for your needs. You can hear from experts which one is a good buy and is not. The things above will also help to lead you to the right choices so pay attention to the overall quality of the cover.

Final Thoughts

To summarize everything, caravan covers are designed to protect RVs from harmful elements, such as UV rays, dirt, and bad weather conditions. It also maintains a good temperature inside the caravan when you use it during a trip. Overall, a quality cover is a good purchase that won’t break your bank and is very beneficial that extends your caravan’s lifespan.

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