How to Drive on a Motorway in the UK

Driving on a motorway in the UK is something that many drivers can be a little wary of, especially those that are new to driving and have recently passed their test, or people who haven’t driven in a long time. The high speeds can be something that makes people a little wary, but the key to motorway driving is having a good knowledge of safety and how the motorway works – if you learn about it, then you will feel more confident and comfortable with motorway driving.

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There are lots of things that you should do on the motorway that can reduce the risk of accidents. Staying in the left-hand lane, unless you are overtaking is the safest way to drive on the motorway, and whilst you are driving you should always maintain a good distance between yourself and the vehicle in front so that if you should need to stop you can do so easily without hitting the vehicle in front of you. Remember if driving conditions are poor, for example, the roads are wet and icy or there is fog, then this gap should be larger as you will need a longer stopping time.

On a motorway it can be easy to go above the speed limit of 70 miles per hour without realising it, but it is important that you control your speed as this limit is in place for safety reasons. There may be reasons that this speed is reduced on certain stretches of motorway, for example, if there are roadworks being done. Vehicles that are carrying out motorway work will have Chapter 8 chevrons – for examples of these visit pvl UK. It is important to observe the speed limit especially in these places as it is for the safety of the vehicles on the motorway and the people working on them.

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Although motorway driving can seem monotonous, it is important that you always remain alert to what is going on around you. Check your mirrors, give plenty of warning when changing lanes and make decisions in good time. To make sure that you are alert, it is important that you take regular breaks – there are many accidents caused by tired drivers and the motorway is somewhere where there is particular risk of this. There are service stations at regular intervals along the motorway that offer a place to rest, stretch your legs, use the toilet and get something to eat and drink, so if you are going on a long journey, it is a good idea to make a note of where these might be on your route and take advantage of the break.

For more detailed information about motorway driving, have a look at the Highway code where you will be able to find a lot of detailed information about driving on motorways that will be able to equip you for everything – from breakdowns to lane discipline.

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