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If your clunker is on its last leg (or wheel), it may be time to face the facts that it just can’t drive another day. Just like other big purchases in our lives such as houses or boats, cars sometimes feel like a relative, and it’s tough to just get rid of them. When it is time to move on to a newer vehicle, there are some options for how to go about it.

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Junk It

It’s sad, but it may be the way to go if your car doesn’t run anymore. If you’ve determined that the cost of repairs is too great, you could still get some money from a company that deals in scrap cars Morris County NJ. They can take your car apart and recycle the metal for other creations.

Donate It

There are several organizations that take junkers and turn them into a profit for their non-profit. By donating your car to a charity, you get to give twice. Not only does the charity make money from selling your car, but you might one day see one of your old car’s blue doors attached to someone else’s green sedan. Another donation option is to contact a nearby high school or community college that has an auto mechanic certification program. Much like donating your body to science, this kind of donation allows the next generation of mechanics to learn the skills they need to service your new car in the future.

Trade It

If a car dealership really wants your business, you can use your old car to help negotiate a better deal on a new purchase. The dealership may not want to put your junker on their lot, but you can certainly use it to get a couple hundred dollars off the cost of something else.

Luckily, the momentary heartache you might feel by saying goodbye to your old set of wheels will be tempered with the thrill of something new-to-you. Moving on from an old car may be difficult, but driving a new car is easy.

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