10 tips to save money for buying a new Car in 2018

10 tips to save money for buying a new Car in 2018

10 tips to save money for buy a new car in 2018.This tips will really help you to save your money.

The pockets are empty, the market is in crisis.

But the deal in dealership is possible

ROME – Buying a new car is a bargain. So at least tell the car manufacturers: fuel a euro, diesel engine at the price of gasoline, 5 doors instead of 3 without spending anything more. In fact, once identified the car you need, start a purchase process that can take months. And good business is not always around the corner.

Starting from the quote. The keyword is a comparison: two equal cars never have the same price. The largest dealership usually has higher volumes and margins than a small one and it is easy to get a bigger discount. To give an indication: the average discount, according to InterAutoNews, is around 13%. A price cut to reduce the concession holder’s gain: for a survey by Italia Bilanci, the net margin of the network would be 0.4%. How to say: selling the car does not make money. Revenue comes from assistance, financing, and services in general. For this, in the dealership, they could try to sell you some more. For example, the extension of the guarantee: add 3 years to 2 of the law, for a city car costs about 500 euros. Too many for a 9 car.

A chance for savings can be the purchase of a “zero km” car: these are cars registered by the dealers themselves, often with the economic contribution of the interested companies to keep their market share high. The phenomenon represents about 11% of the Italian market. The discount compared to the new one can exceed 20%. A sort of incentive for everyone. At the price of zero km, however, the cost of transferring ownership must be added. The car they may have been produced (and stopped in the square of the seller) the previous year and not have the same equipment and upgrades to a new one.

Then there is the metallic paint: the industrial cost is the same of a traditional color but you pay as an option. It is a “tax” that inflates the profits of the houses. As if it were not enough already the tax burden of the state. Better to give up. Especially if the white is back in fashion. If you have time for research, it is useful to think about a good used: if, as the statistics indicate, the car is used less and less, a car with many kilometers but in good condition, can be an ideal solution.

1. Understanding what you need

10 tips to save money for buying a new Car in 2018
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Evaluate your needs. Unless promotions, a diesel city car costs about 2,000 euros more than the petrol version: the price of diesel is similar to that of gasoline and the threshold of convenience, for small and compact cars, is increasingly distant and corresponds to an annual mileage that few people travel.

2 .Comparing models

Different cars offer the same technology. A Seat or a Skoda can have the same engine as an Audi. Some Peugeot’s gasoline is the same as BMW and Mini. The industries call them synergies: thanks to economies of scale, they reduce costs and increase profits and also the customer gains.

3. Low-cost quality Buy your car

10 tips to save money for buying a new Car in 2018
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Buying a low-cost car involves few compromises. The success of Dacia proves it: + 21.6% in the first 5 months of 2012. At the same price of a compact city, you can buy an SUV or a minivan with 7 seats. Always check that there is stability control (esp) and the spare wheel.

4 .The incentives of the houses

All invoke them but they already exist (with or without scrapping): today you can buy a small one at 7,000 euros and a compact one of the B segment at 9,000 euros. It is the same price you would have with incentives. The discount is provided by houses and dealers and not by the state but for the customer changes little.

5. Choose unhurriedly

10 tips to save money for buying a new Car in 2018
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The list is long. There is a promotion for everyone. But better to check details and equipment. Do not get caught up in haste: tenders are often replicated the following month. At the same price, it may be useful to focus on alternative fuels: with a gas-powered car, you also save on operating costs.

6 .Pay attention to the payments

The proposed mini-installments are appealing but pay attention to the maxi final installment. It is preferable to have a higher monthly contribution to have a final balance lower than the estimate of the residual value of the car: in case of economic difficulty, returning the car will close the loan without complications.

7 .Do not discard the used

The lifeline. Online the offer is unlimited. Compared to the new, you save on distribution costs and VAT. Bargaining is essential because the discount is guaranteed. The legal guarantee of conformity protects the purchase of a used car, purchased at the dealership, for a minimum of 12 months.

8.Eye at «zero km»

10 tips to save money for buying a new Car in 2018
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These are cars registered by the same concessionaires, which have traveled a few kilometers or even zero. Formally used, in fact new. The savings, compared to the new, can exceed 20%. But there is to be added the change of ownership, which on a small one could reduce the convenience.

9.Avoid unnecessary accessories

Avoid unnecessary accessories Buy car only what you need. The dealer has sales margins close to zero. The profit is of assistance, financing, and services. Kits of accessories are often offered at promotional prices: in case of an exchange, the value of the car does not increase. Metallic paint on a small can cost 500 euros. Too much.

10 .Ask for more quotes

Do not settle. Request a quote from different dealerships. Often the largest has larger volumes and can offer a higher discount. Assess online dealers outside the region: in some areas, the car chosen may be less requested and the offer will be more convenient.

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