9 Tips to save Money on Christmas Trips

9 Tips to save Money on Christmas Trips

Do you go home for Christmas like the one with the nougat announcement? If you follow these tips, you will get much cheaper.

Christmas is a time of gifts, of being with family, of knowing new places … It’s time to travel. And I do not say it because it is poetic, but because it is true and because it comes to my hair to give entrance to these 10 tips to save on your Christmas trips.

1.Plan the route well

t Christmas TripsAs much as you know the way and for many times that you have done it, it is advisable that you plan the route studying alternative routes (you know, because of the snow, the traffic jams …).

Avoid, as far as possible, the days with the highest traffic inflow. You can find out about the state of the traffic on the free telephone number of DGT 900 123 505 and on its website.

Check also the weather forecast and buy snow chains at the slightest indication that you may need them.

If it is not a normal route, study the route in advance through a map or travel guide: prepare alternative routes, where to eat, where to refuel and even where to sleep.

2.Check the tires

9 Tips to save Money on Christmas Trips
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The first reason why you should never start without having checked the condition of the tires is for your safety and that of your companions. It is also important to save because if the pressure is lower than that recommended by the manufacturer, fuel consumption increases.

Remember that the tire is the only point of contact for the car with the road and if they are not in good condition (read, without bumps and with a tread of more than 2 mm -the legal is 1.6 mm-) cannot guarantee adherence to the road, especially on slippery surfaces (with water or snow) common at this time of year.

In addition to their condition, make sure they carry the correct pressure (especially if you are going to carry the loaded luggage). In this link, you can see how the pressure affects the behavior of the tires.

One more point: the safest thing in this era is to ride winter tires, with them you can ride without chains in restricted sections.

3.Avoid loading the car more than necessary

9 Tips to save Money on Christmas Trips
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The more weight your car has to bear, the more effort the engine will have to make to operate at the same rate and the more fuel it will need. Therefore, try to overload it as little as possible and, of course, all the packages in the trunk: no packages that can be very dangerous in case of an accident. Take note of these 10 tricks to get the most out of the trunk.

Join this with the previous point: check that the tire pressure is commensurate with the weight you transport.

4.Use long gears

9 Tips to save Money on Christmas Trips
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One of the maxims of efficient driving (which teaches how to drive to spend less fuel and reduce pollutant emissions) is to always use the longest possible gear.

To spend less fuel, the maximum is that it is preferable to drive in long gears with the accelerator pressed to a greater extent than in short gears with the accelerator less trodden. In the city, for example, whenever possible, use the 4th and 5th gear.

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5.Avoid sudden accelerations

If you drive smoothly, without sudden accelerations or abrupt braking, you will be grateful for both the occupants of the car and the mechanics and pocket.

Another indication of efficient driving techniques that will help you save on your Christmas trips is to maintain a constant speed and anticipate what other drivers will do. Believe it or not, this helps reduce fuel consumption. Maintaining the safety distance is essential to avoid shocks.

6.Uses the engine brake

9 Tips to save Money on Christmas Trips
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The engine brake is a technique that allows reducing the speed thanks to the engine of the car and without using at any time the brakes of the wheels, simply lowering the gears one by one. Its benefit for the pocket is double because it allows to lower the consumption of fuel and, in addition, extends the useful life of the pads and brake discs.

An example: when approaching a traffic light you reduce marches in progressive ways; thus the car will decelerate little by little. To stop it completely, it will be necessary to step on the brake pedal, but much less time, and therefore with less wear, than if we do it in the traditional way.

7.At more speed, more consumption

This point does not require explanation. What your car spends is directly proportional to the force with which you step on the accelerator. In addition, if you go fast you expose yourself to be fined for speeding and that yes that can ruin the economy of the trip.

8.Have you thought about sharing a car?

9 Tips to save Money on Christmas Trips
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The carsharing is fashionable and if you have more and more followers is because it is a simple way to save money on your journeys.

If you are going to travel alone or with one or two companions you can rent the seats that you have left to other travelers who have planned to do the same route as you. Through platforms such as Blablacar, you can announce the route and the dates; then you pay how you are going to distribute the expenses.

9.Compare prices of gas stations in route

9 Tips to save Money on Christmas Trips
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This is better than doing it at home, before leaving, as part of the planning of the route we have marked as the first point to save on your Christmas trips.

Depending on how long the route is, you can calculate, more or less, how many stops you will have to make to refuel. Check our list of cheaper gas stations in Spain and for them. Save the tickets and check back how much you have saved.

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