Record any unintended events while driving

The safest way to drive, go watch for signs on transit road that tell us what we will find, are curves, populations, crossings, speed limits, etc. In the two-way roads take special attention to signs. However, we all know this issue of driving, but accidents are unintentional and it can happen any time anywhere. In this case, various of car dvr can be found on Gearbest.comto record your driving way for future review for any legal issues.

Surely many of you have noticed that television images appear constantly in the news that have been recorded directly from a particular car, usually referring to accidents or similar. Many of you have asked us how they proliferate both these cameras and the answer is very simple, first recorded in a continuous and uninterrupted all that comes near our car while driving so that we can try before a judge if necessary everything that happens to us, with legal validity.

Therefore, we recommend you G1W – C Full HD Car DVR, a car front camera is installed in the vehicle windshield to record events or accidents for real later review. Similar to the recording devices used on aircraft for years, providing continuous, digital recording to an SD card safe. Built in G-Force sensor monitors acceleration, braking and sharp turns, while a GPS chip brand precisely tracks the vehicle’s location and stores while driving. Accidents are automatically saved (before and after) so it cannot be overwritten. The driver can also select events to save for future review, you can find this on Gearbest with free shipping.

G1W – C Full HD Car DVR at a glance…

  • 7 inch LCD screen, 1080P FULL HD video
  • 0MP image resolution
  • 120 degree wide angle lens
  • 30/60 frames per second for smooth video flow
  • Powerful document protection, even in the recording process, the occurrence of sudden power outages, machine damage, etc., video will be intact
  • Support HDMI output, AV-OUT (mini USB interface)
  • Seamless loop-cycle recording function
  • Automatic circulating video recording in driving
  • Improve time and date display, no need resets when restart
  • Support SD card extension up to 32G (not included)
  • This G1W-C use capacitor instead of battery, it is much safer

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