How to save money when you move house

Moving house can be an expensive time. Regardless of whether you are renting or buying your new accommodation, you need to move all your possessions. You may also have to buy furniture and other items to make your new living space comfortable.

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Luckily, there are some ways you can save money when you move house. Let’s take a look at a few:

Van rental v moving company

Moving house can be an expensive and stressful time. From packing up your belongings to aligning the date of the move and ensuring everything is transported safely, it is no wonder that many people enlist help during this time.

A common form of help is the use of a moving company. Moving companies can help to pack and transport your belongings, so there is one less thing for you to worry about; however, many of us won’t have the option of using a moving company due to budget reasons. If this applies to you, van rental from a company such as can be a huge help and save a considerable amount of money.

When using any van rental, especially in a busy city such as a van rental Bristol, it is important to plan ahead to ensure you will have enough space in the van and enough time to move all your things in a timely manner.

Other ways to save money while moving

One way to ensure you have enough space and time with the van is to declutter your home before you move. This not only helps to reduce the associated moving cost but also you may be able to sell some items and make a bit of extra cash to go towards things you need for your new home. There is no point in taking unwanted items to your new home, only to sell them later.

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While many van rental companies have a minimum one-day rental period, you can typically rent the van for as long as you want. You are therefore free to do multiple trips with the van to move all your things.

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