10 Lane Positioning Tips

Lane Positioning

OEM motorcycle parts make your machine faster and give you an edge in safety, wherever you are riding. Good riding techniques improve your rides, too, whether you are on the a two-lane road or six-land freeway. Here are 10 tips to put you in the best position.

  1. Take advantage of the smaller size of a motorcycle, allowing you to position yourself anywhere in the lane. Unlike a car, you are not limited to remaining in the middle of a lane just to stay within the lines.
  2. Know the rule of thirds when it comes to lane positioning: left, right and center. In different situations, being in the proper third of a lane increases your safety and space cushion.
  3. Understand how the rule of thirds can give you an extra space cushion, especially when you are in a vehicle’s blind spot.
  4. Make use of a Mikuni carburetor to give your bike some extra noise for a bigger presence on the road.
  5. When following a car, stay in the center third of the lane so your headlight is more visible.
  6. When it is safe, move your position within the lane to attract attention. This also allows you to judge when you are in a driver’s blind spot.
  7. When there is a vehicle on either side of you, stay in the middle of the lane. This is not an ideal situation, but it is the best can you do.
  8. Constantly consider your optimal position. In some cases, it makes sense to speed up or slow down to improve your lane position.
  9. Consider how your lane position appears to other drivers. If you are in a certain position it could be a signal that you are about to pass or turn.
  10. Practice your lane positioning skills on each ride.

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