The 15 urban cars with the lowest consumption in the city

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We grouped the 15 urban cars with lower fuel consumption in the city, both gasoline or diesel as well as those with low emissions (hybrids, CNG and LPG) and ignoring electric ones, with zero consumption. We focus on consumption in the city and not in a mixed city because the streets of the municipalities are their natural habitat and where they will be used the most. A very practical list that can help you decide if you want a car to comfortably move around your city, saving as much as possible.

Urban cars with the lowest consumption

1. Toyota Yaris Hybridurban cars

It is the one that presents a lower urban consumption of this list, staying in 3.5 liters per 100 km. All thanks to its hybrid gasoline / electric engine that offers a power of 100 HP. On the road, as the combustion engine works more, its consumption increases slightly to 3.6 l. Its price starts at 22370 dollars. It is one of the best urban cars with the lowest consumption.

2. SEAT Mii Ecofuelurban cars

The compressed natural gas version of the urban SEAT, with 1.0 1.0 cylinder 3-cylinder engine and 68 HP, offers very attractive levels of consumption. In the city, it is limited to 3.7 l / 100 km and on the low road, it is 2.7 l. Like the Yaris, it has the ECO label of the DGT. From 13850 dollars.

3. Fiat Panda GNCurban cars

Another GNC option to take into account if what you want is not to pass frequently by the gas station. The small and famous urban Fiat (only 3.6 m long) has a compressed natural gas version from 19050 dollars with 80 hp engine and urban consumption of 3.9 l / 100 km. It is one of the best urban cars with the lowest consumption.

4. Fiat 500urban cars

Of the current range of the Fiat 500 stands out his version with diesel engine 1.3 Multijet of 95 CV that is able to reduce his consumption in the city until the 4.1 l / 100 km. Its price starts at 21345 dollars. Of the gasoline versions, the 0.9 Turbo TwinAir with 85 cc twin-cylinder engine and 4.6 l of urban consumption stands out.

5. Volkswagen Polo GNCurban cars

The CNG variant with 1.0 TGI engine of 90 HP offers very limited consumption: 4.1 l in the city, 2.6 l on the road and an average of 3.1. It has an ECO label and can be purchased for 22280 dollars. It is one of the best urban cars with the lowest consumption.

6. Citroën C3 GLPurban cars

Its urban consumption does not exceed 4.2 l, due to its 1.2 PureTech liquefied petroleum gas engine, for which it gets the ECO label. It offers 82 HP of power, as well as a very low consumption on the road, of 3.2 l.

7. MINI Oneurban cars

Something more powerful than the previous ones (95 HP) the Mini One diesel is an option of outstanding quality/price ratio with low urban consumption (4.3 l / 100 km). Its engine is the efficient 1.5D, available for both 3-door and 5-door version, from $24755.

8. Ford Fiestaurban cars

The Ford utility par excellence bets within its wide range for energy-efficient mechanics, especially diesel. The 1.5 TDCi access version of 85 hp, starting at $19980, remains at 4,4 per 100 km, while its average consumption is 4 l. In its gasoline alternative, $1930 cheaper, urban consumption rises to 6.6 l.

9. Renault Cliourban cars

The diesel engine 1.5 dCi, both in 75 and 90 HP, yields figures for consumption in the city of 4.4 l / 100 km and 3.6 l on the road. It is available from $19250 (75 HP version) in Business, Limited and Zen finishes.

10. Suzuki Baleno Hybridurban cars

The largest urban Suzuki (3.99 m) has a hybrid version of gasoline that declares an urban consumption of 4.7 l / 100 km. Its average consumption is 4 land offers a power of 90 HP. Apart from $19595.

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11. Mitsubishi Space Starurban cars

The urban Japanese brand has one of the most efficient gasoline engines in the entire segment. All its consumptions go down of the 5 l, remaining the urban in the 4,8 l / 100 km. Its two variants, Motion, and Kaiteki equip this 120 MPI three-cylinder 80 hp engine with a starting price of $14250.

12. Nissan Micraurban cars

The small Nissan tourism was renewed two years ago with a clear commitment to saving fuel without subtracting efficiency. Its diesel versions stand out dCi of 90 CV, with consumptions below 5 l (urban of 4.8) and with prices from 20610 dollars. It is one of the best urban cars with the lowest consumption.

13. Smart ForFoururban cars

The smallest of the models on this list (only 3.5 m) has, in addition to its electric options, gasoline versions of low consumption as the 1.0 of 71 HP, with only 4.8 l / 100 km of urban consumption and different levels of finish, from 16390 dollars.

14. Peugeot 108urban cars

Bordering the 5 l of urban consumption (4.9) the small one of Peugeot’s passenger cars is another of the most efficient gasoline in its segment. The VTi engine offers 75 hp and 93 Nm of torque, in addition to a low road consumption of 3.6 l. Its starting price is 15260 dollars.

15. Suzuki Ignis Hybridurban cars

In the same line as the Baleno, the Ignis urban crossover also has a hybrid variant of gasoline with low urban consumption of 4.9 l / 100 km. The hybrid system 1.2 Dualjet + SHVS has 90 HP and low emission level (97 g / km) so it can carry the ECO label. A part of 19495 dollars.

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