5 best summer car care tips

summer car care tips

We are already in summer and it is important to know how to keep our car in good condition in one of the most intense seasons of the year. In itself, the engine and brakes generate heat in its various parts, and if we add to this the high temperatures, we will have a risk of breakdown due to overheating or other related factors. Even so, there are some tips that will help you to avoid that your car suffers some affectation in summer. Here are 5 summer car care tips.

The summer car care tips

1. Keep the air conditioning in good conditionsummer car care tips

Air conditioning, like other auto parts, has its useful life, however, we can do a lot to extend this time as much as possible and be in optimal conditions to use it at this time of year. To achieve this, it is enough to perform a check and preventive maintenance of the air system; First, we can clean the obstructions of the air conditioning, to eliminate any residue that prevents it from coming hard. We must remember that both dust, insects and other debris tend to accumulate, this prevents normal flow. We must also check that the water level or coolant level is at the correct level for its operation.

2. Keep the car clean

summer car care tips

It is important to wash your car frequently. In addition to keeping it clean, you can use some ultraviolet absorbent wax to protect your car’s paint from sun damage. Other interior leather or vinyl parts will also require special maintenance to avoid aging due to solar rays. On the other hand, the heat also spoils the wiper rubbers, an effect that can be smoothed thanks to proper and regular cleaning as mentioned above.

3. Protect the body of the sunsummer car care tips

If the possibility exists, park your car indoors or in the shade. This is because the paint of the body is damaged by staying for hours under the sun’s rays. In case it is not possible, there is always the possibility of covering it with a tarpaulin so that it suffers less. This will also benefit you because when you get back on and the car is fresh, you will not feel so hot. It is one of the best summer car care tips.

4. Check the tiressummer car care tips

The tires of our vehicles suffer since the heat of the pavement can reach up to ten degrees outside temperature. The wheels have to withstand these extreme conditions, especially if we drive on fast roads or rough roads. So it is essential to review the pressures and preferably to do it every two weeks during this time.

5. Monitor the state of the engine

In summer, engine cooling is one of the most important aspects that must be reviewed. We must be sure that the refrigeration circuit is not leaking, in addition to checking that the circuit is completely clean of incrustations and various residues. All these measures will help to prevent the engine from suffering any damage. It is an important summer car care tips.

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