Heavy truck driving tips and tricks

Heavy truck driving tips and tricks

CARREPRO cares about drivers, for this reason, some safety heavy truck driving tips and tricks are presented. Practicing these basic driving habits will help you prevent accidents and avoid fines. In addition, these tips will extend the life of the truck.

The heavy truck driving tips and tricks

The basic rules for driving heavy trucks:truck driving tips and tricks

Pay attention to signs for heavy trucks: allowed weight, restriction signs, available lane, and other traffic or clearance warnings.

  1. Before crossing, go left and right.
  2. Respect traffic signals and traffic lights. Use the dipped beam.
  3. Drive the truck slower than you would drive the car.
  4. Be very careful when passing through bridges, tunnels, and uneven areas.
  5. Use the mirrors of the truck.
  6. Keep the tank full.
  7. Avoid making unexpected stops and abrupt changes between lanes.
  8. Keep the distance, the trucks should be approximately one car away from the other vehicles.
  9. Drive in turns and avoid fatigue. Rest for 15 minutes every 3 hours.
  10. Always use a seatbelt.
  11. Look out for the weather reports so you can plan your trip. When driving, listen to local radio stations so you are up to date with the weather forecast.
  12. If the temperature is below 0 degrees, repeat the process of “warming up the engine” three or four times before turning on the truck completely.
  13. Use and turn off the lights correctly so that the truck’s battery stays charged.
  14. Vision can be hampered when driving on a sunny, bright day. Use sunglasses to reduce glare and improve vision.
  15. Periodically check the condition of the truck: water, oil, belts, coolant, watch for leaks, etc.
  16. Check the air pressure in the tires weekly.
  17. Perform the alignment of the truck.
  18. Equip the truck with everything you need: sunglasses, flashlights, water, food, the first aid kit, etc.
  19. The night before, before starting a long trip, sleep 8 hours recommended by experts in the health area.

Those are the basic truck driving tips and tricks.

Rules of step:Heavy truck driving tips and tricks

  1. Never try to move to a vehicle that moves more than 40 mph.
  2. Never attempt to drive a vehicle on hills or curves.
  3. Don’t change lanes on the highway.

Rules for parking:

  1. Remember that heavy trucks require more time and space to stop.
  2. Use the parking brake every time you park.
  3. Turn the wheels away from the sidewalks.
  4. Lock all the doors and place the safety chain on the towing device.
  5. At bus stops or restaurants, park the truck where you can see it.

Tips for better fuel efficiency:truck driving tips and tricks

  1. Drive carefully and respect speed limits.
  2. It reaches the desired speed gradually.
  3. Release the accelerator little by little when you stop.
  4. Avoid driving at the maximum speed that the truck allows.
  5. Park in safe places to avoid thieves.

If the heavy-duty truck is contracted for veterinary use, make sure that:

  1. The animals are identified.
  2. Have all the health permits required to be transferred.
  3. Consult with those who hired the transport service, if a mild sedative is recommended for the animals and thus avoid stress during the trip.
  4. Make sure the animals have enough food and water during the trip.

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