What might you find if your a storage hunter?

What on earth is Storage Hunters about? It’s an incredibly popular show that goes out on Dave and seems to feature a load of people with more money than sense who want to have a right go at each other. The basic premise is this. There are hundreds of lock ups in the county that can either contain a load of junk, or maybe, just maybe a fantastic arrangement of items that the hunters can make money out of.

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The show is weirdly watchable as you can’t believe that people would want to leave anything really valuable in some dodgy garage somewhere or they would forget the contents of a container. If you don’t want to store your contents here and risk being on storage hunters, and you have a garage at home but it has faulty doors then advice could be found.  The Hunters are not to be dissuaded they get a brief view of the contents of the storage area, conveniently covered up by tarpaulin and a slight equivocation laden description of who the container/lock up was owned by. “This was a children’s toy wholesaler whose gone bust. They specialised in model railways”.  From that the Hunters have convinced themselves that there are loads of originally boxed Hornby models in there when, in reality, all they get is some cheap Thomas the tank engine bits. Cue much anger. Actually, if they’re after tarpaulin and old sheets then they are completely onto a winner in this show. Rather than take the more sedate approach of checking out the contents in detail the door is shut, and the bidding begins. And that’s where we get the Fun.

Depending on what you find in these storage bins you may well need to contact a Confidential shredding service to destroy any financial paperwork with old addresses and details which you could perhaps find on sites like https://www.printwaste.co.uk/

Now understandably if it was regular people like you and I then this programme would probably not be worth bothering with but the producers have gathered together a bunch of characters that in all probability have a laugh about everything after filming down the pub. Or maybe not. It’s quite a game as one bidder will try and push the price up without wishing to own anything. They do this so when the competition has paid over the odds for a load of old junk they can laugh at them. One of the worst offenders for this is Heavy D (Colin in real life). He is a rather obsess man who never missed an opportunity to bellow BOOM! When ever he makes a bid. It doesn’t matter what the value f the bid is. £10 BOOM! Sold your way at £150 BOOM! He also does this in people’s faces for maximum discomfort. This is done so people will lose it. To increase the annoyance levels of the competitors the producers have added T-Money a North American bidder for the original USA series. Adding foreigner is guaranteed to make some very angry indeed.

It’s all in fun really, will married Nat and John ever stop bickering about who’s got it more wrong. Del Boy wannabe Dan and Linda the not ditzy blonde. Try not to watch.


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