Key Fashion tips you should know before going to F1

If you are lucky enough to be going to the F1 in Monaco, what will you wear? The event is attended by the great and the good of both motorsport and fashion, so you will want to dress accordingly. While there is no dress code as such – for instance, it is not a black tie event – there are some key things you should know when pulling together your outfit for race day.

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We have put together a simple list of suggestions and pointers to ensure you not only look your best but also – and perhaps more importantly – to make sure you are comfortable and confident and enjoy your thrilling day.

Race colours

F1 is obviously a sport, so there are team or race colours. Black, white, yellow and red are the colours of F1, which gives you a great palette with which to work. Keep it low key, however, as you don’t want to be mistaken for one of the pit crew! Keep it monochrome or just add some accessories from your chosen race team colour.

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Shiny metallics

Monaco means money, which is reflected in some of the clothing choices; however, don’t overdo the metallics in your look. Gold and bronze shades are flattering on all skin tones, but you don’t want to look like you have been dipped in lacquer. Think metallic accessories such as a gold belt or perhaps a flash of bronze on your nails.

Makeup with staying power

Racing aside, your day will be packed with drinks and glorious food. You don’t want to worry about a migrating lipstick, so keep your lips simple with stains or tinted balms. The day is likely to be long, so set your whole makeup with a spray to keep you looking perfect from dawn until dusk. You will really want to look your best on this special occasion, especially as you will want to make the most of the beautiful weather. If you are feeling a little unhappy with the impacts of ageing on your face why not in touch with a Botox Gloucester company such as in plenty of time for a nice treatment session before you embark on your F1 trip.


Weather protection

When you first thought how can I get to the F1 track in Monaco when planning your trip, we bet you were also thinking about the warm sunny weather. While Monaco is usually warm, allow for changes. Taking a waterproof jacket or a warm wrap is a sensible option.

Whatever you choose to wear, follow these tips and make sure that you are comfortable, confident and ready to enjoy your day.


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