What are plasma coatings, and how are they used?

Modern-day products are built to last, and this may mean that they have been subjected to surface coatings. You might well be wondering what a Plasma Spray actually is. It sounds like it could be dangerous. Plus, when you hear the word plasma, you may well associate it with blood or something out of a science fiction film or book. Plasma is quite a generic term. It relates to a substance that has been heated to such an extent it’s turned into a liquid. This liquid is super hot, and it can be sprayed easily over a subject. The subject is then coated, and when this dries, it sets hard. This provides a brilliant covering that offers a fantastic degree of protection. One of the best providers of this specialist service is Poetons. What does the process help to stop?

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Corrosion and rust are one of the most difficult things to try and stop. Another is the slow but now less troublesome process of erosion. In other words, this is the slow rubbing and wearing of the subject until, eventually, it snaps and breaks.

One of the most common items that you will find a plasma coating on is the ring grooves on a gas turbine. The last thing that anyone wants is for a gas turbine to suffer from rust and erosion. The results of degradation could mean a leak, or worse, an explosion. We still need gas turbines to generate the considerable amount of energy that they produce. Without them, life would become very difficult.

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We’ve mentioned corrosion before, and this is why a plasma coating is essential. The reason for this is that a Plasma covering is brilliant and keeps out moisture. Water and air combined are the main ingredients for rust to occur.

The other main use for this type of coating is in diesel engines. The most common part is that of the piston ring. Without the piston ring, the engine cannot function. Pistons are constantly moving up and down to create the power for the engine to move the vehicle in question. Heat can occur in the engine, and these rising temperatures promote erosion and wear. If a piston goes in your car, you will have problems with a capital T.

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