10 car tips so that your car is always perfect

car tips

A good car lover takes care of him like a son. There should be no excuse for not taking care of it and giving the love it deserves to the partner who is in every daily adventure. This is why these 10 car tips for the care of our vehicle must be taken into account.

The best car tips for the perfect car

1. Take care of the brakescar tips

Simply if you do not take care of the brakes of your vehicle sooner or later you will generate an accident. All parts should be checked at least once a month, especially the brake pads and brake fluid. Here you can see everything you need so that your brakes never have problems.

2. Check the oil level frequentlycar tips

As far as the operation of the engine is concerned, oil is vital for the good performance of our car and, incidentally, it does not make us spend too much gasoline. Remember that the oil lasts between 5,000 and 10,000 kilometers, depending on the model of the car and how it is used. With the indicated reference of the oil of your car, here you can find any that you require.

3. The air filter also countscar tips

As well as oil, the air filter must also be according to your vehicle and must always remain unobstructed to avoid problems with the engine. A periodic check every month is important to check that the air flows correctly, and its change must be made between 10,000 and 15,000 kilometers.

4. Try to use additives always

Additives are sometimes thought to be unimportant, but using them regularly will help extend the life of essentials like the radiator, transmission or just make gasoline last longer and not harm our vehicle’s engine.

5. Follow the signs of a low batterycar tips

One of the most common unexpected problems is when the battery says stop. Don’t wait until your vehicle is no longer moving: there are several signs, such as difficulty starting or lights with low power, that allow you to be alert. The most recommended is to make a battery change every 3 years, and check that the liquid is not needed.

6. You have to have lights for any terrain

Precisely speaking of lights, remember that they are essential in rainy seasons and when traveling outside the city at night. In addition, it is necessary to synchronize it every 2 months so that your vision and that of other drivers is correct.

7. Windshield wipers that lighten and do not darken

Over time, old windshield wipers can become a nightmare for your eyes and others on the road. It is recommended to do maintenance every two months and change them every year. Therefore, you must find the chords for your vehicle so that the horizon does not blur.

8. Take care of everything that has to do with the suspension

Keeping the shock absorbers and the entire suspension system in good condition is key so that long trips are not torture and your car has the same comfort as if it were new. It is key to make a periodic review, every month, of the state of tire pressure. You should also be alert to small sounds in the steering and not drive too fast on uneven roads to avoid hitting your vehicle with ups and downs.

9. You have to have the necessary elements for any emergency

A puncture, a quick fix, a loose piece, any of these situations can be present in everyday life. That’s why you should always have the necessary tools on hand to avoid being stranded.

10. You must never lose the shine

Despite the rain and other factors, a car should always be neat both outside and inside. It is recommended to do an exterior wash every 2 weeks, and every 1 in the rainy seasons: remember that dirt can damage the vehicle’s paint. And inside, according to use, you have to do cleanings every month to avoid losing the shine.

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