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A good car lover takes care of him like a son. There should be no excuse for not taking care of it and giving the love it deserves to the partner who is in every daily adventure. This is why these 10 car tips for the care of our vehicle must be taken into account.
We are already in summer and it is important to know how to keep our car in good condition in one of the most intense seasons of the year. In itself, the engine and brakes generate heat in its various parts, and if we add to this the high temperatures, we will have a risk of breakdown due to overheating or other related factors. Even so, there are some tips that will help you to avoid that your car suffers some affectation in summer. Here are 5 summer car care tips.
Congratulations, you have obtained your driver's license and you are about to be the owner of your first car. Or maybe you got your permission a few years ago and have been saving to buy a car. Be that as it may, you are about to take an important step. Think that your first car is a kind of rolling school: it is with which you will learn to drive - not to drive - and it is the one that will teach you the benefits and vicissitudes of being the owner of a car. In Diariomotor we want to help you make the experience with your first car a success.
At the end of each year, people often spend much more than expected on fuel for their vehicle. With so many ups and downs in prices, many people get lost and do not take into account these tips to save gas useful and effective.
Autumn is here and here is Car tips for Autumn. With this, it is not necessary to tell you that this season of the year is characterized by the appearance of adverse weather events that can surprise us on the road. Among them are the rain, fog, and ice that announce, in a certain way, the arrival of winter. In addition, in the autumn the nights are longer, so the risks of accidents can increase, being the night driving more dangerous than the one that is carried out for the day.

There are many doubts that arise when buying a second-hand car. Here you will get the answer to many of the questions that come to mind. Can I try it before buying it? The seller has no obligation to let you do it. Although if you do...

The engine, definitely, is the heart of all our cocky, so it's better to take care of it and give it proper maintenance. In this post, we share 10 tips 'top' to take care of your car it as it deserves.
If we look at it coldly, the depreciation of a car makes this the worst investment one can make. Even when we talk about Ferrari, whose prices in VO seem to never end up, prices can fall again (as happened in the past) and it would not be a wise investment. We share the best cars that are a bargain to enjoy a year.
From the driving school to life. A list of the models that the new ones need: some offer the best technological aids and others are cheap. Solutions for everyone here are the best cars for beginners.
The use of the mobile phone at the wheel is one of the main causes of accidents at present. Without a doubt, it is a distraction that seriously compromises security. However, technology continues to advance and now we can count on connectivity systems such as Apple CarPlay or Android that make things easier for us. Because you can also use the mobile in the car safely and in a very beneficial way for the user. Here are some tips for responsible use that you can apply to your trips.