The best cars for beginners, inside and out

best cars

From the driving school to life. A list of the models that the new ones need: some offer the best technological aids and others are cheap. Solutions for everyone here are the best cars for beginners.

CITRÖEN C1best cars

With its reduced dimensions (3.46 m long), the C1 PureTech 82 Feel includes, as standard or as an option, low inflation pressure detection, and hill start assistance. Also the Active City Brake, which allows the automatic braking of the vehicle at a speed below 30 km / h. From € 11,500.

PEUGEOT 108best cars

Small and manageable car (3.47 m), it presents a complete technological equipment, with support for the hill start and Active City Brake. Add line postage alert (from 50 km / h) and rearview camera. From 13,400 euros. It is one of the best cars for beginners. Continue reading- The six fastest cars in the world

Suzuki Swift best cars

The new Swift, with 3.84 meters in length and 90 and 111 HP engines, offers a good technological equipment: predictive braking control, lane change alert, anti-fatigue alert, adaptive speed control … From 15.575 euros

OPEL ADAMbest cars

Agile and compact (3.70 m), with the Adam Glam 1.4 XEL 16v 87hp Start / Stop Manual 5v you have start-up assistant on a slope, electronic control of cruise speed, gear change indicator and Smartphone projection on the screen. From 13,750 euros. It is one of the best cars for beginners.

SEAT MIIbest cars

Another ultracompact model that is easily carried away. It measures 3.55 m long. For novice drivers: city braking assistant, rear parking sensor (with audible alarm), slope assist assistant, rain and light sensor and electronic stability control. You find it for 9,460 euros.


Cheap and very maneuverable. In its 3.56 meters, it is possible to support the driver, such as the cruise control, the rear parking sensors and the deviation light. From 7,020 euros.

FORD KA +best cars

Also easy to drive due to its minimum dimensions. The Ka reaches up to 3.62 m, but it fits almost anywhere. In addition, the rear sensors detect objects: a visual alert on the console and an alarm alert you of the danger. For more comfort, an assistant on the hill and cruise control. All for 10,000 euros.

MAZDA2best cars

A more aggressive design contained in 4.06 m in length. Its driving is smooth and the technology provides solutions such as tire pressure witness, braking assistance system in the city, blind spot control, lane change warning and rear parking sensor. From 14,050 euros. It is one of the best cars for beginners.


A very complete 4.35 m long car: alert for involuntary lane change (from 70 km / h), signal recognition, blind spot detector, emergency braking system, hill start assist and, above everything, Easy Park Assist Pack: the car maneuvers while you use the pedals and change gears). From 19,710 euros. It is one of the best cars for beginners.

Ford Focusbest cars

The new generation of the Focus offers a technological equipment difficult to match: adaptive cruise control, lane maintenance assistant, parking attendant, emergency braking, pedestrian and cyclist detection, rear traffic alert, traffic signal detector. .. From 19.575 euros.

FIAT PANDAbest cars

We return to an economic car (and also small). Fiat proposes the Panda 1.2 Lounge from 13,195 euros. In its 3.65 m length, it offers, as outstanding technologies, ESC + Hill Holder, which will help novice drivers to maintain the trajectory in emergency situations and facilitates hill start.


The Dacia Sandero Base 1.2 75cv is another affordable model: 7,340 euros. It is basic in its equipment, but even so, it offers ESP (stability control), tire pressure sensor, hill start assistance, gear change indicator, Stop & Start and SAFE (brake assist system). emergency).

HYUNDAI i10best cars

Small, maneuverable and affordable price. The new Hyundai i10 starts with an official price of 12,315 euros. The equipment includes lane change warning, frontal collision warning, hill start assistance and rear parking assistant. It is one of the best cars for beginners.

KIA PICANTObest cars

El Picanto 1.0 CVVT CONCEPT sigue la misma línea que los dos anteriores. Son 3,59 m de longitud con un equipamiento destacable: frenado de emergencia autónomo, control de velocidad de crucero con limitador de velocidad, ayuda de arranque en pendiente, cámara de visión trasera… El precio parte de 7.850 euros.

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