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Today we present you the 7 best SUVs in 2018 that we liked most. In this selection, you will find the stars of this year that is almost finished. The SUVs have been, once again, the protagonists in this 2018. Therefore, today we want to make a list in which we show you what has been for us this year's superstars. These are the 7 SUVs that we liked the most in 2018, seven very interesting options for all types of budgets that have come to light during the last twelve months and that will continue to do so next year.
These muscular engines and beautiful muscle cars come from America and make men dream No offense to the greenest of you, muscle cars continue to dream men in 2018! Born in the 50s in the United States, these cars with a muscular engine (as their name suggests) have become true legends. And not only in Uncle Sam's country!

Unanimously acclaimed, either of the two versions of the Renault 8 has earned a place in the history of the automotive industry in our country; especially the TS, linked to the National Cup. Few cars have united so much consensus as this, and the truth...

If you love to see how far the madness of car brands can go when planting on the asphalt is a real monster. You will love this article. Today I bring with me five crazy cars that came to be sold although it seems totally impossible. And they have ended up becoming collector's pieces. Everyone prepared to start freaking out? Hold your jaws!
If we look at it coldly, the depreciation of a car makes this the worst investment one can make. Even when we talk about Ferrari, whose prices in VO seem to never end up, prices can fall again (as happened in the past) and it would not be a wise investment. We share the best cars that are a bargain to enjoy a year.
Agent 007's films have been a success for all those who have been involved in them. We always talk about the directors of the films, the actors who gave life to James Bond over the years. Or the beautiful women who have been the conquests of the secret agent. The impressive cars that have appeared in all James Bond movies.
We review the ten most affordable Ferrari on the market. Models that, despite having a whole Cavallino on the front -or maybe not-, the common mortal could get to let them. If your dream has always been to conduct a model of the house founded by Enzo Ferrari, this is your opportunity. Here is the cheap Ferrari that you can buy.
From the driving school to life. A list of the models that the new ones need: some offer the best technological aids and others are cheap. Solutions for everyone here are the best cars for beginners.
A couple of months ago we read this report that indicated that CO2 emissions were growing again in Europe after a long time. The rise of the SUV bodies, together with the demonization of diesel makes it very difficult for manufacturers to achieve the emissions reduction targets set for 2021. BMW EfficientDynamics solutions are here.
The use of the mobile phone at the wheel is one of the main causes of accidents at present. Without a doubt, it is a distraction that seriously compromises security. However, technology continues to advance and now we can count on connectivity systems such as Apple CarPlay or Android that make things easier for us. Because you can also use the mobile in the car safely and in a very beneficial way for the user. Here are some tips for responsible use that you can apply to your trips.
In the same way that you look for the most suitable footwear for the purpose that you are going to make. The same happens with the tires of the car. They are probably the element that most depends on the safety of the vehicle. Best tires for off-road.