The 7 best SUVs in 2018 that we liked the most

best SUVs in 2018

Today we present you the 7 best SUVs in 2018 that we liked most. In this selection, you will find the stars of this year that is almost finished.

The SUVs have been, once again, the protagonists in this 2018. Therefore, today we want to make a list in which we show you what has been for us this year’s superstars. These are the 7 SUVs that we liked the most in 2018, seven very interesting options for all types of budgets that have come to light during the last twelve months and that will continue to do so next year.

In the list (below, arranged alphabetically) you will find all types of SUV, from small SUVs to powerful SUVs through an electric option. This 2018 has been a success for the SUVs and this has been reflected in a series of important releases and revelations that we have seen this year and that have added to a market full of models and options for all types of profiles.

The 7 best SUVs in 2018that we liked the most

BMW Xbest SUVs in 2018

The second generation of the popular SUV coupe of the Bavarian firm has debuted this year. The BMW X4 improves in all aspects with respect to its predecessor, with an evolutionary design inspired by its brother of the regular court, the BMW X3, new engines, new platform, more technology than ever and a more spacious interior. Available with diesel and petrol engines, and powers between 184 and 354 hp, the X4 is available from 61070 dollars. It is the best SUVs in 2018 that is liked the most.

Cupra Atecabest SUVs in 2018

One of the great surprises of this year. Cupra separates from Seat as an independent brand (although it is part of the Spanish firm), and launches its first model, the Cupra Ateca. This is the high-performance version of the medium-sized SUV of Seat, which offers a 2.0 TSI engine with 300 hp DSG seven-speed and 4Drive all-wheel drive. It is available from 51250 dollars.

Dacia Dusterbest SUVs in 2018

If the first generation was a sales success, the second promises to improve these figures. The new Dacia Duster debuted at the beginning of the year with an evolutionary design, more technology, premiering engines. And materials in an interior that gained quality, a step forward for the Romanian SUV. It is offered with gasoline and diesel engines between 95 and 116 HP, while prices start at 12850 dollars. It is one of the best SUVs in 2018 that is liked the most.

Hyundai Kona Electricbest SUVs in 2018

The Hyundai Kona, which has been chosen ‘Best Car of the Year ABC 2019’ has a variant propelled by a fully electric engine. The Hyundai Kona Electrico is one of the SUVs that we liked the most in 2018 as it is a real alternative within mobility without emissions. It is offered with two powers, 136 and 204 HP, and two batteries, 39 and 64 kWh. Prices start at 42800 dollars.

Mercedes G Classbest SUVs in 2018

Undoubtedly, one of the most important releases of this 2018, and one of the first in the SUV segment. The new Mercedes G Class is refined in this generation. But without losing its essence and classic style, as well as its off-road skills. At the moment it is available in G500 versions of 421 HP and G63 of 585 HP, while prices start at 145490 dollars. It is one of the best SUVs in 2018 that is liked the most.

 Suzuki Jimnybest SUVs in 2018

The new Suzuki Jimny has made us all focus our attention again on the Japanese manufacturer. The small 4×4 returns the essence of the model at a time when crossovers flood everything with offers that are not as pure in terms of off-road capability and classic style and shapes. In the case of Jimny, it is available with a single 1.5 hp petrol engine of 102 hp, while prices start at 19400 dollars.

 Jaguar E-Pacebest SUVs in 2018

Nor could we forget the ‘Car of the Year in Europe 2018’. The Volvo XC40 is the access model to SUV range of the Swedish manufacturer, retaining the DNA of the other models, quality in the cabin and attractive prices capable of rivaling those of the German competition. The XC40 is offered with diesel and gasoline engines with between 150 and 250 HP of power. Prices, meanwhile, start at 36130 dollars.

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