7 cheap sports cars that you can buy for the price of a compact

cheap sports cars

Buying new cars is always something you like, and it’s normal: you can choose all the details at will without having to spend a million: look for example these cheap new cars that are real bargains. However, the second-hand car market is also extremely interesting: today we take a look at cheap sports cars that almost anyone could buy. Yes, I know that many haters will leave with the maintenance: it is true, they are not suitable for absolutely all pockets, but for many who go mad with the SUV of 2018.

The cheap sports cars that you can buy for the price of a compact

Aston Martin DB9cheap sports cars

All British class and elegance reduced by 4.71 meters in length. The masterpiece of Henrik Fisker and one of the most important cars of Aston Martin in the 21st century. The Aston Martin DB9 is a spectacular sports car: its V12 produces 450 hp. And is a car to enjoy every kilometer calmly, enjoying the sound of the engine, its performance. But with a certain calm: it is not a car to mark a fast lap at the Nürburgring. Its new price was around 200,000 euros, today you can find units around 40,000 euros. Who will catch it!

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Maserati GranTurismocheap sports cars

It is impossible to say NO to the sporty elegance of a good Maserati: Italian design has in this car one of its best modern supporters. Maserati GranTurismo is spectacular aesthetically and under the hood hides a V5 engine of 405 HP that sounds like blessed glory. It is a car that has not had major reliability problems and whose design will never go out of style. Like the Aston Martin, its price on the second-hand market is around 40,000 euros: when the new Maserati Alfieri appears, a key part of Maserati’s future, it will probably fall even further. It is one of the best cheap sports cars that can buy.

Mercedes CL63 AMGcheap sports cars

We all know that Mercedes-AMG is an expert in uniting in the same product the elegance and classic luxury of Mercedes with the sportiness and bad milk of any German trainer. The Mercedes CL63 AMG is a super-ship with an authentic pump under the hood: distinction and exclusivity at the price of demolition. For less than 30,000 euros (yes, you read correctly) you can take home a coupe over five meters long, with a luxury interior and a V8 of 525 HP under the hood. What do you want more for?

Ferrari 360 Modenacheap sports cars

Buying a cheap Ferrari is not easy, quite the contrary, but there are cars that are at the optimum point of purchase: the Ferrari 360 Modena can be found today for less than 60,000 euros on the second-hand market. Its design was a brutal change in the style of the brand and today, its predecessor. The Ferrari F35 is already more expensive than the 360 Modena. You already know that in Ferrari, like wine, more years, more euros, usually. Maybe in the next few years I can still lower some price, but not buying it today will not be a bad investment. It is one of the best cheap sports cars that can buy.

Porsche 911cheap sports cars

The sports car. The legendary Porsche 911 must also be on this list. There are two generations that are the most interesting at the price level: the 996 and the 997. The first can be found even for less than 30,000 euros, although you probably already know some of its mechanical problems, such as the strengthening of the IMS. The 997 can be found for less than 40,000 euros: the theme of the classics deserves a separate chapter since it is difficult to find copies in perfect condition at a good price.

Jaguar XKRcheap sports cars

Are you a fan of British sports cars but is Aston Martin still a bit far from the budget? Then you should take a look at the Jaguar XKR: if you choose the first generation of the model you can buy a copy of about 15,000 euros. Yes, with a four-liter engine and a volumetric compressor that generates 370 HP and has a spectacular design. If you want something more modern, you can choose the second generation. We are talking about 416 HP and more modern design with a more refined and technological interior. It’s the price? About 25,000 euros. Ganga a la vista!

BMW 8 Seriescheap sports cars

A great couple with a spectacular design and that smells of a classic future without a doubt. Its price varies very beastly between different copies: they can be more or less easy for about 15,000 euros. But also reach 80,000 euros in the most powerful versions and with fewer kilometers. It is a car whose price is already starting to rise and that probably will do more with the launch of the new BMW 8 Series. It is one of the best cheap sports cars that can buy.

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