Renewing your Blue Badge

If you have a disability and drive, there are lots of things to think about. From deciding on where to get the right vehicle for your needs from specialists like this WAV vehicles supplier Clarke mobility, to making sure that you have a place suitable to store your vehicle at home.

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Another thing that you need when you drive with a disability is a blue badge. Having a blue badge means that you are able to park in locations that make unloading and gaining access to shops easier, making life easier for you when you want to go out.

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What is important when you have a blue badge is remembering to renew it. When you get your first blue badge, it lasts for three years, however it is a good idea to make a note of when it will need to be renewed so that you make sure you do it in time.

In order to make the renewal process easier, make sure that you have the following to hand before you begin:

A recent digital photograph

Your National Insurance Number

Proof of your ID

Your Current Blue Badge

Proof of UK Residency

It can be a long process, so you might want to put a certain amount of time aside to do it, however, you can save your application throughout the process too, so don’t worry if you need to come back to it later.

Once your application has been completed, the usual waiting time is around 4-6 weeks for your replacement.

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