Tips for Preparing for Winter Driving

As we approach autumn and winter, driving conditions can be more difficult. Having already had the first storm of the season which runs from September to August, it is a good reminder to make sure that your car is ready for the wintery weather that will soon be upon us.

In addition to basic checks and of course legal obligations like getting your MOT done by a professional like this MOT Gloucester based company, you should also do some care and maintenance on your vehicle to prepare it for the change in seasons…

Your tyres are the first thing to check – some people change their tyres to winter tyres at this time of year so that they can improve their driving in slippery conditions. Whether you opt to do this or not you should ensure that your tyres do not have any visible damage and have the correct pressure and tread depth.

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Open up the bonnet and check that you have screen wash, engine coolant and oil in the car. Breaking down can often be avoided by doing checks like this regularly and you really don’t want to break down in the cold and have to wait to be rescued!

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You should make sure that you have what you need in the car if you do break down – keep an emergency supply kit of water, a torch and spare batteries, warm blankets and of course the details for you to call a breakdown company to come and get you!

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