Should I buy a white car or not?

white car

Should I buy a white car or not? It is one of the favorite colors for users when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. This is confirmed by studies such as the one carried out by the company PPG Industries, which bases its statement on car sales in 2015, where we found that 35 percent of the cars sold in that year were white.

But is it really the best option? We have made a list of the pros and cons to help you decide when buying your next car. Remember that if you have already decided, you have at your disposal the Carnovo configurator with which you can configure your perfect car and receive the best offers from official dealerships nationwide.

Pros of white carswhite car

Here’s why you should buy a white car

They are cheaper

Everyone likes to save on the purchase of their new car. Most manufacturers offer white versions of their models without any surcharge, so in many cases, it ends up being the color most requested by users. Remember that using our car configurator you can compare offers from official dealerships nationwide, our brands have models that will adapt to your needs.

They never go out of style

The white color is considered the most important of all; its purity and the sense of security it evokes makes it always an option to consider. It is elegant and discreet in equal parts, in addition, it is the most versatile of all, as it fits in any type of car; from the most manageable utility vehicle to a saloon to the most imposing SUV. It is always a wise purchase, one that you will hardly regret, as your body will always look great and you will never be left with the feeling that “that color is no longer worn.”

They are more practical

When buying a car, practicality is one of the elements most demanded by users. Everyone is looking for a car that is practical and going white may be the best option. In general, they are less hot vehicles in summer and tend to hide scratches better when they are superficial.

Are safer

Driving a white car will always be safer, especially if you do it in low visibility conditions. Opting for this color can be a safe bet, as you make sure that when driving at night other drivers see you perfectly, you will attract more attention than if you were wearing a gray or black color and you will gain in safety.

Cons of white carswhite car

Here’s why you shouldn’t buy a white car

They get dirtier

If you are one of those who likes to make weekend getaways, drive many kilometers, and do it through the most complicated terrain, white is not your best option. The slightest stain will make your body look dull and you will become the laughingstock of others. If you’re going to buy one, make sure you have a laundry center nearby. It will become one of your most frequented places!

Everyone chooses the white

Unless you like to go unnoticed, you should buy a car in a different color. In recent years white has become popular, which translates into higher sales. On the contrary, we find that the roads are filled with practically the same cars. White will make your car look great. But if what you are looking for is exclusivity, it may not be the best option.

Verdict – should you buy a white car?

Buying a car is personal. Various aspects such as aesthetics, practicality, or safety will make you choose one option or another. If you want a stylish car, one that doesn’t get outdated over time and that ensures great visibility on the road, white is definitely a great option.

On the contrary, if you want to be original, stand out and not limit yourself to what others do, white is not your color. Also, remember that you should regularly attend the washing center, although you will experience less heat in summer as it is a cooler color.

Save on the purchase of your new car

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