Smartest RV Storage Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor

Smartest RV Storage Ideas

As someone who lives in an RV, managing your belongings can be quite challenging due to space constraints. However, there are many RV storage ideas that can help you optimize the limited space available and keep your belongings organized. However, with a little creativity and some smart storage solutions, you can make the most out of every nook and cranny available in your RV. By implementing these RV storage hacks, you can keep your belongings tidy and organized inside the RV, while also expanding the storage capacity outside. These organizing ideas are incredibly useful and practical, and you’ll soon realize that they are a game-changer for anyone living in an RV.

Hacking Storage Inside the RV

Picture an RV like a game of Tetris. You’ve got awkward gaps to fill and items that just won’t fit together. By implementing some of these storage tricks, you can optimize the inside of your tiny home on wheels.

Installing Shelves & Cabinet Organizers

One easy way to multiply storage is by putting in shelves. You can add them inside existing cabinets or mount floating shelves on walls. Consider materials like wood, metal, or acrylic, depending on the weight they’ll need to hold.

Within cabinets, use organizers to section off cookware, food, toiletries, and other items. Lazy Susans are great for corner cabinets, allowing access to everything with just a spin. Drawer organizers help separate utensils or clothing.

By going vertical with shelves and containing mess with organizers, you open up room inside cabinets to neatly store more belongings.

Hanging Storage Nets & Grids

Another space-saving solution is installing ceiling-mounted storage. Meshy nets are perfect for stashing lightweight things like hats, scarves, and flip flops. For heavier items, try grid systems with hooks that can handle bulky coats or luggage.

Hanging storage clears out rooms that would otherwise sit unused. High up and out of the way, it also keeps necessities accessible without cluttering counters or floors.

Under-Mattress Pull-Out Drawers

Under-Mattress Pull-Out Drawers for RV Storage

Most RVs already utilize the space under beds with built-in storage. For even more capacity, install pull-out drawers that roll out when needed and tuck away out of sight.

Use them for bulky bedding, keeping it nearby for easy access at night but freeing up room in closets during the day. You can also store clothes, shoes, or anything else that fits.

Overhead Bunk Hammocks

If your RV has bunk beds but the kiddos are grown, transform the empty cavities into RV storage space. Install hammock-style netting that hangs like a shelf, sturdy enough to handle heavier items like books, pots and pans, or board games.

When not actively using an overhead bunk, maximize its storage potential with a simple bunk hammock. Just be sure to secure items while driving so they don’t crash down.

Magnetic Walls & Fridge Organization

Install magnetic wall panels or paint to create an instant place for hanging tools, knives, or keys. Use magnetic bins, racks, or bars inside the fridge to neatly arrange jars, bottles, and cans.

With a quick DIY upgrade, plain walls and fridge surfaces transform into functional storage solutions. Magnets allow customizing placements as needed while keeping items secure.

Space-Saving Credenzas & Ottomans

For a big storage payoff in a small footprint, use furniture that pulls double duty. Credenzas provides counter space plus interior shelves and cabinets. Collapsible ottomans stow away when not in use, ready whenever you need an extra seat, footrest, or storage bin.

Dual-purpose furniture like these minimizes the number of standalone pieces needed. With RVs, it’s all about packing functionality into compact furnishings.

Clever RV Exterior Storage Hacks

While it’s essential to optimize interior space, RVs also need ample exterior storage. Coming up with ways to add capacity outside prevents overloading the inside. Try these crafty solutions for carrying more gear, freely using every cubic inch possible.

Installing Roof Racks for Bulky Gear

Attach collapsible roof racks to transport awkwardly shaped items like ladders, kayaks, or lumber. Ratchet straps and soft cradles secure the load while protecting the RV’s surface. Want to bring along even more gear? Try a small cargo trailer.

A roof rack multiplies usable cargo space. Not only can you haul more exterior equipment, but it also frees up interior capacity.

Truck Bed Toolboxes for Weatherproof Storage

Truck owners are familiar with hitch-mounted storage boxes. These rugged, lockable containers are likewise useful for RVs, providing watertight spaces for camping necessities, power tools, and other supplies you want to keep dry. Hard covers flip open for access.

Secure, portable toolboxes are perfect for storing messier items outside, safe from the elements. Bring your full workshop arsenal along for the adventure without mucking up the inside.

Undercarriage Compartments for Quick Retrieval

Many RVs have small exterior spaces like LP tank cubbies suitable for installing storage compartments. Truck beds, slide-outs, and the frame itself also provide opportunities.

Stash frequently used items in these easily accessible hideaways. Reserve them for things needed on a moment’s notice – leveling blocks, chocks, tools, hoses, cords, and the like. You’ll appreciate the convenience next time something rolls under the rig!

Tongue Toolboxes for Hitch Storage

The tongue toolbox slides right over the hitch to accommodate longer gear. For example, fishing rods, folding chairs, stabilizer jacks, and awkward extendable items stay secure but within reach.

A hitch-mounted toolbox also helps balance weight distribution. Pack it smart and take advantage of payload capacity that would otherwise go wasted.

Spare Tire Covers Hold Camping Essentials

Spare Tire Covers Hold Camping Essentials

Anyone with an exterior spare knows it makes a handy shelf, but hollow tire covers take the concept even further. Transform empty space into a rugged storage bin for dirty boots, tools, or firewood.

Because the cover mounts to the spare’s rim, it leaves a gap behind for stashing additional equipment. Double the storage by strapping items like folding chairs to the outside.

Fifth-Wheel Bunk Boxes for Extended Cargo Capacity

On fifth wheels, utilize the gap under front bunks for installing enclosed cargo containers. Protect gear from UV rays and road debris while keeping items out the living area.

For easy access on the go, choose a container with lockable double doors. Use it for anything messy that you don’t necessarily want trailing dirt inside – like hiking equipment, fuel containers, waste tanks, and road safety kits.

Last Words

With some clever solutions, even RV storage ideas can transform into storage superstars. Use every interior nook and cranny to its full potential, installing specialized organizers suited for tight spaces. Seek out furniture that doubles as storage and take advantage of unused areas like ceilings and bunks. Add weatherproof exterior storage to free up room inside and equip your rig for maximum adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best RV storage solutions for clothes and shoes?

Use space-saving solutions like vacuum seal bags, clothing racks, under-bed roll-out drawers, and overhead bunk hammocks. For shoes, install wall-mounted racks or over-the-door hangers.

How can I carry bicycles, kayaks, or other large gear?

Roof racks are excellent for transporting awkwardly-shaped items. Fork mount bike carriers free up interior capacity. Invest in a cargo trailer if you have lots of big gear.

Where should I put items accessed daily or while driving?

Reserve easily reachable spaces for things you use frequently – tools, leveling blocks, chocks, first aid kits, etc. Inside, use magnetic panels, hanging nets, or command hooks for often-needed items.

What should I store outside? Inside?

Keep dirty gear or anything that could make a mess outside – tools, hiking shoes, firewood, fuel cans, waste tanks. Store clean items and valuables inside like clothing, food, electronics, and money.

What MS organizing products do you recommend?

Some of my top picks are SpaceSaver vacuum compression bags, Sto-Away storage nets, magnetic spice racks, and Stack-It storage cubes. Look for RV-specific versions sized right for tight spaces.

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