Reasons to buy convertible car or not

Reasons to buy convertible car or not

Convertible cars generate both affection and repulsion. In fact, they sell more than you think and it is that there are many followers of this model of car that can bring you different sensations and experiences when driving.Whether you are in the group of fans or detractors, this article can serve to clarify the ideas in case you want to buy a convertible at some point in your life.

Liberty sensation

Reasons to buy convertible car or not
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This is the most obvious of all. Feeling the wind mussing your mane or cooling your neck is attracted by all our senses. You are open to the world, as challenging it, it seems that there are no limits for you and your vehicle. This sensation is one of the most attractive and attracts most buyers of convertibles. Touch, sight, hearing, and the smell will thank the purchase.

Can be used even in winter

Reasons to buy convertible car or not
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If what pulls you back when buying a convertible is inclement weather, such as rain or, even more, the cold in winter, there is nothing to worry about. The last cabrio have improved greatly in acoustic and thermal insulation through the hood. In addition, the interior design is more successful as is the case of Air Scarf technology, Mercedes invention, consisting of hot and cold air outlets, by the headrest of the seats.

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Takes all eyes

It may not be a very humble advantage, but the convertible calls the gaze of other pedestrians on the road. Being the center of attention is not bad from time to time and increases one’s self-esteem if the motives are as good as being driving one of these.

The price is not as high as you usually think

It depends, it always depends on the technical characteristics and specific services that are being sought. New convertibles can be found around $23531. In addition, of course, they can also be found on the second-hand market from $12000.

If the price is still too big for the pocket, there are alternatives to the open-top cabriolet such as the  Peugeot 207 CC or the Nissan Micra CC, now available in the second-hand market.

Disadvantages of convertible car

Limitation on the number and size of places

Reasons to buy convertible car or not
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One of the most remarkable disadvantages of the convertible is the number of places that are limited to two places, as well as four. In addition, it usually happens that, despite having a rear seat, the back is not wide enough to stretch the legs so it is not comfortable to make long journeys. It is not the ideal car for long family trips.

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Scarce space in the trunk

The possibility of a hood and having more space in the trunk are opposite options because the first needs enough space and will be detrimental to space in the trunk. The number of seats also influence this feature of the Cabrio, with two seats and a small gap between the two seats to carry things.

Damage caused by the passage of time

The passage of time has repercussions on all types of vehicles, especially if they have to be constantly suffering inclement weather. In the cabriolet, they can be even worse due to poor sealing of the bonnet, leaks of the cloth, dirt in the seats, etc.

Fortunately, the benefits are improving and the grips are more tight and waterproof, also depends on whether the hood is cloth or not. Like all cars, the Cabrio needs cleaning, from the upholstery to the hood. It is up to us to assess whether we are willing to take comprehensive care of our vehicle for years.

Security against thieves

The fabric hood is the worst ally against thefts. Being of a rather fragile fabric, it is an easy task for the delinquents of the underworld to rip it and to obtain its loot. Needless to say, we must be very careful to leave the convertible in the open street as an offering to any thief.

Pollution of cities and allergies

Having the open cape has its difficulties for allergy sufferers as well as exposing the occupants to the outside environment, from pollution of the city, rain or the poor waste of some urban bird. To what is lent the Cabrio is more to a toilet by the beach or paths full of vegetation and to let the filter work for the allergic and not the particles of the exhaust pipe. More reviews on

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