3 Car Maintenance Costs

You must take good care of your car if you want it to last for many years and get the most for the money you invested in it. Budgeting for a new vehicle is not always easy because you have to plan for more than just the upfront cost. Here are three costs associated with car maintenance that you need to plan for in your budget.


Your car battery will only last for a few years. The more you drive, the more frequently you will need a new battery. While you shouldn’t have to buy car batteries Winter Garden FL every year, they can be a significant experience when you do need them. You should expect to replace your battery every few years, and if you plan for this expense, you won’t overextend your wallet when you need a new battery.


Tires are designed to carry you over many miles, but when the tread starts to wear away due to age or overuse, you need to replace them. Rotating your tires can often extend their lifespans, but when you need a new set of tires, the price is a huge blow to your budget. Having a savings account is a good way to plan for expenses such as new tires.

Oil Changes

You need to change the oil in your car every few thousand miles. Many people choose to take their vehicles to mechanics for this maintenance service. If you are comfortable working on your car yourself, you may choose to buy the oil and change it. However, the oil itself can be a significant expense, and if you don’t know what you were doing, you could end up damaging your vehicle.

Taking good care of your car but fires you to keep up with routine maintenance services. These services are often expensive, but if you plan for these three expenses, it will be easier on your wallet.

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