Using a Trailer – Three Things to Know Before

Trailers are a useful thing to have, whether you want to use it for work, such as moving around large items like furniture or machinery, or for leisure, such as a trailer tent. Trailers are easy to maintain, the parts can be obtained from many places such as this trailer parts company, Auto and Trailer, and all you need is a towbar attached to your car in order to use it.

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When it is your first time using a trailer, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of the basics of towing a trailer – this also applies to a caravan, so if you have decided that you will get a caravan for your holidays, this information can also help you.

Here are some basic things to remember before you hit the road…

Check the weight – Your car will be able to pull a certain weight limit, so before you purchase a new trailer, ensure that your car is able to pull it! You will be able to find this information in your handbook for your car.

Know the Limits – Speed limits for towing a vehicle are different – for example, on a motorway you are not allowed to go more than 60 miles per hour, and 50 miles per hour is the limit for towing on a single carriageway.

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Learn to Move – Moving around and parking when you are towing a vehicle is a skill of its own, and it is worth practising this, or having lessons before you go out on the road.

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