The 10 cheapest new cars in the United States

cheapest new cars

For less than $ 13 thousand dollars you can buy a new car. The cheapest new cars in the United States

One of the main factors when making a decision to buy a new car is, without a doubt, the price. Today we bring to you the 10 cheapest options of the wide catalog that is offered in our country. Without further ado, we started.

The 10 cheapest new cars in the United States

10. Chevrolet Sonic LS sedan: $ 16,020cheapest new cars

The Sonic Chevrolet has a general redesign that has left an aesthetic quite well achieved, being that the previous generation was never bad. In addition, it has 10 airbags as standard equipment, OnStar assistance system, among other things. The cabin is comfortable and accommodates four adults perfectly, with extra space in the rear seats.

9. Fiat 500 Pop: $ 15,990cheapest new cars

A Fiat 500 will always be an attractive car, regardless of the variant. Its classic design makes it easy to identify and still has an “attractive” very Italian. Beyond some materials that can be improved, the 500 Pop has 101 horsepower available, which guarantees a handling, to some extent, fun.

8. Hyundai Accent SE: $ 15,580cheapest new cars

The best thing about this Hyundai is that, being a Hyundai. Today the brand has gained value after its recent models have surprised us all thanks to its design, equipment, and driving dynamics. In the case of the Accent SE, it has a 4-cylinder engine that is capable of developing up to 137 horsepower and six-speed manual transmission. It is one of the best cheapest new cars in the UK.

7. Smart Fortwo: $ 15,400cheapest new cars

This Smart is an alternative for the large and complicated cities of our time. Beyond its 3-cylinder engine and a turbo that takes a long time to provide help, the Fortwo becomes a fun vehicle. The fuel efficiency is what is expected in a car of this type: 40 miles per gallon at best.

6. Nissan Versa Note: $ 15,095cheapest new cars

If we compare it with the version of four doors of the Versa, this hatchback is much more attractive and handles better … and of course, it costs almost two thousand dollars more. The new design guidelines of the Japanese manufacturer are well exposed in this model. Unfortunately, fuel economy is not one of its strongest points. Continue reading- All new BMW cars and SUVs in 2018: X4, Z4, X7

5. Kia Rio sedan: $ 15,015cheapest new cars

The worthy representative of the new era of the Korean firm is this Rio model in its variant sedan. The powertrain consists of a 4-cylinder engine, 138 horsepower and a manual transmission of six changes are appreciated, especially in a car that costs 15 thousand dollars. It is one of the best cheapest new cars in the UK.

4. Ford Fiesta S sedan: $ 15,005cheapest new cars

A car tested and approved by many is the Ford Fiesta. This model comes alive thanks to a small 4-cylinder engine that delivers 120 horsepower. In addition, within its segment is one of the best. In terms of fuel consumption. The hatchback is located 300 dollars higher.

3. Chevrolet Spark: $ 13,875cheapest new cars

This is the second Chevrolet on the list, but the cheaper of the two. To the surprise of many, and like his half-brother, the Chevrolet Sonic, carries 10 airbags as standard equipment. The 98 horsepower that develops its propeller is more than enough for what is needed in this subcompact. It is the best cheapest new cars in the UK.

2. Mitsubishi Mirage: $ 13,830cheapest new cars

The Mirage of Mitsubishi has been updated, renewed in many ways. And, at the same time, improved. A 1.2-liter engine with 78 horsepower is the most “highlighted” in the mechanical section. As it is to be supposed, one of its strongest points is that of fuel consumption. The guarantee also caught our attention.

1. Nissan Versa S: $ 12,855cheapest new cars

Before you are the cheapest new car in the United States market, the Nissan Versa S. Being honest, this car is cheap everywhere you see it. Plastics are the common denominator and motorization with 109 horsepower is just. If you buy it, you will remember at every moment that you chose the cheapest car. Under advice, there is not cheat. It is the best cheapest new cars in the UK.

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