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Today we present you the 7 best SUVs in 2018 that we liked most. In this selection, you will find the stars of this year that is almost finished. The SUVs have been, once again, the protagonists in this 2018. Therefore, today we want to make a list in which we show you what has been for us this year's superstars. These are the 7 SUVs that we liked the most in 2018, seven very interesting options for all types of budgets that have come to light during the last twelve months and that will continue to do so next year.
Autumn is here and here is Car tips for Autumn. With this, it is not necessary to tell you that this season of the year is characterized by the appearance of adverse weather events that can surprise us on the road. Among them are the rain, fog, and ice that announce, in a certain way, the arrival of winter. In addition, in the autumn the nights are longer, so the risks of accidents can increase, being the night driving more dangerous than the one that is carried out for the day.
If we look at it coldly, the depreciation of a car makes this the worst investment one can make. Even when we talk about Ferrari, whose prices in VO seem to never end up, prices can fall again (as happened in the past) and it would not be a wise investment. We share the best cars that are a bargain to enjoy a year.
From the driving school to life. A list of the models that the new ones need: some offer the best technological aids and others are cheap. Solutions for everyone here are the best cars for beginners.
A couple of months ago we read this report that indicated that CO2 emissions were growing again in Europe after a long time. The rise of the SUV bodies, together with the demonization of diesel makes it very difficult for manufacturers to achieve the emissions reduction targets set for 2021. BMW EfficientDynamics solutions are here.
In the same way that you look for the most suitable footwear for the purpose that you are going to make. The same happens with the tires of the car. They are probably the element that most depends on the safety of the vehicle. Best tires for off-road.
The list that classifies the fastest cars in the world has just been modified after a new addition. The  Hennessey Venom F5  has just been introduced and has changed our idea of the world's fastest car. In fact, since the beginning of the automotive history, changes in the speed of vehicles have been continuously occurring. Slowly but surely. Well, maybe with a little hurry, because milestones like 50, 100 or 200 km / h have been surpassing one after another in just over a century.
Whatever your taste, we assure you that one of these cars would be on your wish list. We share the most desired cars in the world. Maybe you drive a sedan, a sports car, an electric car, a minivan, an SUV, pickup or even a small subcompact, or maybe you're not yet driving age and still you can not deny that one of the cars that we will present below It is really what you would like to have in your garage.
We talk about BMW 840Ci. The Yuppies were delighted to buy the twelve-cylinder engine, eager to demonstrate how well they were doing with their stock on the stock market. However, the real good is the eight, a much more balanced and logical version than its predecessor. Hardly lost 13 HP and, removing the electronic speed limiter, they ran almost the same.
You can have fun in town with a car of character! We grab the ball flying at the Geneva Motor Show from March 8 to 18 to take stock at major manufacturers! We share some supercar for you.