The 5 best camper vans to travel in summer

best camper vans

More and more people decide to spend their summer holidays hitting the road with one of these vehicles. We share the best camper vans to travel in summer.

When facing the summer holidays, the classic ‘beach or mountain’ dichotomy has become too small. And the options are much broader: international, cultural … or road tourism. More and more people are choosing to drive and spend a week or two touring the country (or Europe). Without leaving their bags in a hotel or apartment. And there is the material with four wheels to do it perfectly

The camper versions of many vans are the perfect example that you can have almost everything you need to live in a small space and portable. Equipped with enough amenities, with a capacity that usually ranges between two and four people and equipment such as kitchen, beds or bathroom, it is feasible to consider their use to spend a different vacation.

It is true that they will never offer the same as a five-star resort, but compensate for their shortcomings with strong points such as contact with nature, sleep every night in a different place or the freedom to decide where, when and how to go each day.

Here are the best camper vans to travel in summer


A classic of the German brand that has evolved over several decades to become a very option to consider. With a length of almost 5 meters and a width and height that rub the two, it offers a large interior space that is used in different ways depending on the level of finish chosen. Thus, there are seven or five seats, with the latter adding a complete kitchen. In addition, it offers space for two people to sleep, and with the electrohydraulic retractable roof, another bedroom is created for two in the upper part. Details like the side awning or the presence of two chairs inside the tailgate make it easy to assemble a makeshift porch almost anywhere. It is one of the best camper vans.

MERCEDES MARCO POLObest camper vans

The main positive point of the Mercedes camper is that it offers three differentiated models that go from more to less equipment and, therefore, from less to greater independence. The Activity is the base, with five seats, beds for five and a folding table. The Horizon, the intermediate, reaches seven seats. And finally Marco Polo, with six seats and four beds, but with a kitchen, fridge, sink, and shower connection. Continue reading- 5 tricks to get the most out of air conditioning

OPEL VIVARO LIFEbest camper vans

Perhaps one of the less prepared options on the list since it is missing the presence of bathroom or kitchen. It is a large vehicle that has three rows of seats and a total of eight seats. One of his points of the strong Opel van is that the second row can be rotated 180 degrees to offer a sort of room for six people, optionally, can be completed with a central table.

In addition, both the second and third row can be folded completely creating a large flat surface on which a bed can be mounted almost two meters in length, although the mattress or sleeping bags are not included in the car. Under the bed, there is a space to store luggage and the cabin has power sockets to recharge mobile devices, LED environmental lighting and, as an extra, an auxiliary heating system.

NISSAN NV CAMPERbest camper vans

Nissan has just added this version to its range and specifically, it is offered on NV200, NV300, and e-NV200 models. In all cases, there are several common elements that make these vans really versatile. Like a complete kitchen with ceramic hob, sink, pantry, and refrigerator. Besides having folding seats that form a double bed, to which is added an individual on the roof. Which is also for two people in the case of the NV300. It is one of the camper vans for travel.

Note the e-NV200. As a 100% electric model, it is the cleanest option of all; It offers an autonomy of 275 kilometers per load according to the NDEC cycle.

FIAT DUCATO CAMPER VANbest camper vans

An authentic all-rounder, the Fiat model is one of the most versatile in the industry. As it offers a variety of enormous the configurations: four lengths and two heights to choose from. A practically square rear area that maximizes space (1.87 x1, 66 meters inside). And an interior that can be customized with multiple comfort options. In addition, customers have a 24/7 call center that addresses any problem they may have. It is one of the best camper vans.

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