5 tricks to get the most out of air conditioning

tricks to get the most out of air conditioning

A well-heated car is the best ally to travel in summer, but there are many drivers who do not know how to use this element well. We share the best tricks for air conditioning.

The air conditioning is one of the most appreciated comfort components in a car, but we must use it. To get the maximum performance against the summer heat and also for a safety issue.

Also safety, yes, because it is not the same to make a trip with high temperatures in the vehicle than to do it with the appropriate grades. According to numerous studies, with a temperature of 30 ° C in the car,  driving errors increase by 20%. Therefore, this point affects concentration. In addition, the vehicle itself acts as an accumulator and the temperature can reach 20 ° C higher than outside.

Therefore, it is necessary to know what is the ideal temperature that we must choose, as well as to follow some advice to make a correct use of all the elements of the air conditioning system or air conditioning.

Tricks to get the most out of air conditioning

1.BEFORE THE TRIPtricks to get the most out of air conditioning

The first temptation is to turn on the fan at full power as soon as we get in the car, but we must avoid it. Why? The start-up of the system requires a low-speed start, and for this, we must ventilate the passenger compartment for a few minutes by opening the windows while starting the fan at low revs for three or four minutes.

This can be done, and it is highly recommended, while we shoot some meters. While we will notice that the air comes out somewhat hot at the beginning, as soon as the system is ready and some fresh air starts to come out, we can increase the speed of the fan so that we reach the desired temperature as soon as possible. Once achieved, we will regulate the speed of the fan until the ideal temperature is maintained at the lowest possible speed.

2.THE IDEAL TEMPERATUREtricks to get the most out of air conditioning

The question arises as soon as we see that the system is ready. It is easy to select an erroneous temperature for travel, looking for an excessive freshness and do it quickly. Ideally ?: between 22 and 24 ºC for travel.  It is convenient to move in this strip according to the number of occupants and the thermal perception of all because each person has their own body temperature. It is the best tricks to get the most out of air conditioning.

In this margin, unforeseen colds will be avoided, since traveling with the inadequate degrees can cause an excessive difference between the temperature of the interior of the car and the one that we will notice when we get off it.

3.THE GRILLStricks to get the most out of air conditioning

Another temptation in which drivers and occupants fall: direct the jet of air conditioning directly at them, especially to the face. Other error. Experts remind us that we should not direct the air directly to the face or neck. We can even extend the restriction to any part of the body. The cold and the bacteria lurk. Continue reading- The 7 elements that you should check (almost) constantly in the car

Taking into account that the cold air is heavier than the hot one, we will direct the central vents upwards. This will cause the continuous movement of air by convection in the passenger compartment. The lateral exits can be directed towards the windows to minimize the temperature that the crystals can reach when the sun hits them.

4.RELATIVE HUMIDITYtricks to get the most out of air conditioning

If you do not take it into account, point to another error. It is the great forgotten when it comes to enjoying the air conditioning. The recommended range for the human body is between 40% and 70%, which is indicated in the most current cars, which offer all kinds of information on the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

If the cooling system is working properly and is properly maintained, it will work with the figures indicated. Also, we must also bear in mind that these air conditioning systems tend to dry the environment in our car. It is the best tricks for air conditioning.


If you think that air conditioning is just a matter of comfort, you are wrong again. Circular with a comfortable temperature in the cabin is something that not only makes us travel more bearable. It also plays its role in safety at the wheel.

Avoid fatigue, because fatigue is exacerbated if we spend heat making a displacement, and the danger increases in relation to the duration of it. You have to drink water every so often, even if we’re cool in the car. Something simple that many times, and more in summer, we do not have enough in mind.

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