Types of cars, what does the market offer you

Types of cars

Utilities, saloons, minivans, SUVs, sports … Are you clear about the different types of cars offered by the market? Depending on the type of bodies or according to the commercial segment they belong to, there is a wide variety of vehicle classifications. How to recognize them is the goal we set ourselves from Goodyear. Enter and discover what types of cars exist and which is the most advisable for you.

Types of cars in Market

MinivanTypes of cars

The minivans are a type of car according to their body. The interior space integrates into a single volume the luggage compartment, the passenger compartment and the engine compartment. The engine is housed in such a way that it protrudes very little in front of the front axle, and is mounted higher and even more inclined than in a passenger car, to free space in the passenger compartment. Attending to this internal volume, there are other variants: two volumes (trunk and passenger compartment are communicated) and three volumes (the space of the trunk and the engine are separated).

Sedan or sedanTypes of cars

The saloons are the best cars to travel as a family: space and comfort. Also known as the sedan, saloons are a type of tourism with three volumes (engine area, interior, and trunk). It has four or more seats and two or more doors, as well as a fixed roof to the rear window. The main difference between sedan and sedan is that in the sedan the rear window is fixed and is independent of the tailgate, while in the saloon the rear window is included in the tailgate.

CoupeTypes of cars

The coupe tourisms are characterized by having two side doors. Depending on the angle formed by the rear window with the lid of the boot or engine can be fastback (two volumes) or notchback (three volumes). It is common for brands to identify models with sports lines with the term coupe.

HatchbackTypes of cars

It is a traditional compact car. The English term “hatchback” means “hatchback” and refers to the “back door” access to the trunk. It is a two-volume vehicle (the trunk and passenger compartment are communicated) whose trunk is integrated into the passenger compartment and has its own door with rear window included. Unlike the family vehicle, the rear window is usually more inclined.

Convertible, cabriolet or cabrioletTypes of cars

The rafters are a type of car according to their body that is characterized by no roof or has a removable or folding hood. A variant is the coupe-Cabrio whose metal roof is folded and collected on the back.

RoadsterTypes of cars

Roadsters are a type of two-seater sports car with a convertible and lightweight body. The term comes from English and was used to describe the old sports convertibles, which had two seats and a folding bench for two other people.

Family, ranchera, break or tourer

Family is the most common denomination in our country. It is known as a station wagon in the Anglo-Saxon countries and as a break in France and Italy. A family car is a type of body with the roof raised to the tailgate (this is different from hatchback vehicles). It has a larger interior volume for luggage that allows to incorporate the third row of seats or increase the capacity for luggage. The roof extends to the trunk.

All terrainTypes of cars

It is a type of vehicle designed, in origin, for driving through difficult terrain: earth surfaces, stones, steep slopes, with traction to two or more axles. It has an independent frame structure and is characterized, normally, by powerful motorization.

CrossoverTypes of cars

With an appearance similar to the off-road, the crossovers are the kings of the asphalt. They include features such as front protection bars or high suspension, typical of an SUV, which combine with a more compact aesthetic. They are usually smaller than SUVs.

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)Types of cars

The SUVs are a trend. Since 2006 its sales have experienced a large increase. It is a type of car whose concept is derived from the off-road with which it shares aesthetics, body height, 4 × 4 tractions and suspension travel but is adapted to drive on the asphalt. It has less weight than an SUV and greater capacity of flexion and torsion. Off road, in difficult terrain, its benefits are more limited than those of an off-road vehicle.

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SportsTypes of cars

Powerful engines, higher maximum speed, better acceleration, and grip. The sports and supercars are other types of cars and the dream of many. They are usually coupe or convertible, as well as a two-seater.

Pick-upTypes of cars

Pick-ups have been among the best-selling vehicles of the past year. It is a type of truck used generally for the transport of goods. It has an open cargo area at the rear, especially useful for transporting bulky objects. The loading platform may be covered by a tarpaulin or by a fiber or glass structure.

Types of cars by commercial segments

Are there more types of cars? Reviewed the main categories according to their body and interior volume, talk about the commercial segments. There are six in the market that include different bodies and sizes.

Segment A is the smallest four-seater cars on the market. Its size ranges between 3.3 and 3.7 meters. Its body is a hatchback of three or five doors. In segment B, vehicles with capacity for four adults and one child are included. With body hatchback or MPV are around 3.9 and 4.2 meters (in the case of saloons and family). The C segment includes vehicles with seating for five adults. They measure up to 4.2 meters in hatchback models and 4.5 meters in the case of sedans and relatives. The D segment belongs to family saloons and five-seater, but with more powerful engines and wider than the C – segment bellboys They have a size of 4.6 meters.

The maximum comfort saloons, the largest models (around 4.8 meters) belong to the E segment, while the F segment is reserved for saloons and high-end limousines that exceed five meters in length.

There is a type of cars in the market for every need. Bodywork designed for ergonomics and comfort and others designed for top speed. Do you already know why you should choose a sedan instead of an SUV if you are looking for spaciousness and comfort in the trip instead of off-road design?

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