Which Type of Boat is Right for You?

Boating is a singularly enjoyable experience. Being out upon the water in the fresh air bolsters body and mind, but which kind of boat suits your needs the best?


Often portrayed in films as the playground of the idle rich, a typical private yacht is actually a powerful boat that may range in length from 23 to 46 feet, which travels on average 8 to 12 miles per hour. It is generally equipped with a kitchen and one or more bathrooms. Because of this there is a bit more maintenance knowing where the marine plumbing systems Newport Beach CA offers are located can be very helpful.

Motorboat / Speedboat

A motorboat, also called a powerboat or speedboat, is driven by a gas-powered motor. Although a 317.6 mile-per-hour record was set in 1978, the average speedboat achieves around 90 MPH in calm waters, but that number drops significantly as the waters get choppier. This boat is more for the thrill of the speed than for fishing or lolling about.


Sailboats carry an essence of romance. You can just envision your suntanned self, relaxing on the deck with billowing white sails ascending into a sapphire sky. While there certainly could be an element of romance, in reality this adventurous boat is a wind–propelled vessel, capable of speeds up to 12 MPH. It is a physically-involved boat requiring a certain skill-set.


With its sails located in the center, hull straddling each side, a catamaran is a great choice for exploring surface-dwelling sea life on still waters. The center area may be a cabin or a sturdy net, suspended between the center and one or both hulls, creating an area where passengers may lounge, gazing at rays, jellies or other fish as the swim about. It takes some skill to keep it balanced and create a smooth ride.

So which type of boat would be the right choice for your life, your family and your friends? It may just be a matter of price, but you are sure to enjoy any of them.

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