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Nestled deep within the Cotswold Motoring Museum there lives a little secret. Amongst the classic cars and memorabilia, there sits a very special Car. On his right is a Black Jaguar with a Sunbeam Alpine on the left. He is Brum the super hero super car that rescues people and gets into all sorts of adventures and scrapes but comes out top in the end. He has to wait until the owner of Museum turns his back just for a second so that he can escape and go to the big town. His escape would be a lot easier if he had some Automatic Garage Doors Letchworth people have. They contacted Biggleswade Garage Door Repairs to see what they had to offer.

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Brum escapes the Museum and heads out from what is basically the picturesque Cotswold village of Bourton on the Water. The big town is payed by the City of Birmingham. This is done because the company that made it, Ragdoll are based in the Midlands and wanted to make something as near to home to reduce costs. There are in fact two Brums. The first is a replica gifted to the Cotswold Motoring Museum in Gloucestershire. It is a simple model and all that happens ins that a sensor activate the headlights which serve as Brum’s eyes. The second was a more animatronic version more akin to the one used in the Big Town. It sat in the Ragdoll official shop, but it seems that children were afraid of it and it had to be scaled back. This second one as also resided and Beaulieu and the travelling Herbert’s Story of Children’s Television Exhibition.

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The morality of Brum is in sharp contrast to some of the antagonists that he encounters, namely the Big Town Bullies. The show takes on the feel of a silent comedy as the principle humans do not speak or converse with Brum. They do seem to stop and wave manically, whatever they are doing, when he drives past.  Brum is similar to the Hobo character that Charlie Chaplin advanced in the early days of cinema. The show is not averse to slapstick and it is not uncommon to see the Big Town bullies drenched or embarrassed in some way. Brum is also called upon the regular perform a rescue be it a cat in a tree or even score a penalty to beat a team of cheating footballers. He has a strong sense of what is right and proper. And, whilst he is a little nervous at times, he is always ready to help and defend his friends.

It’s a sweet little show much as you’d expect from Ragdoll and they have built a humorous little character that is had not to like, He’s great if only for his many catchphrases. “Oh my wheels and wipers!” and “Oh my bonnet and bumpers”. He’s even made it into a video “Fireflies” by Owl City.

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