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The MG-T series is one of the most groundbreaking ranges of British sports cars that heralds the start of a golden period. Despite the fact that it was made in the 1950s, the car has the appearance of a grand 1930s car. This was seen as a bit of throwback and having a disappointing old fashioned look. However, we now can see that the stylings of the car give it charm and the range is very appealing to classic car owners, both current and potential. Classic car owners realise that with ownership comes the greater need for security of the home and garage. CCTV Installation Gloucester based company are able to provide all of this for you.

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The MG-Ts are the TA, TB, TC and the TD. The TD was the production road car in the 1950s and is considered the best and final version of the MG-T. It was made with a view of trying to capture the North American market. The USA had wider roads and a better economy to afford the cars. In the UK, the car was viewed as a bit of a disappointment.

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For example, it didn’t have a fuel gauge, but it did have a little green light that came on to tell you if the petrol was below a certain capacity, and it might be a good idea to get some more. It was still difficult to drive at night as the telemetry on the dashboard didn’t glow brightly enough.

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