The Empty Nest Syndrome, sending your teenage children off to college or University

The phrase “The Empty Nest” has become quite common over the last few years and lots of Mums and Dads with teenage children going off to college or University often refer to themselves as experiencing the “Empty Nest Syndrome”. However, you shouldn’t feel lonely or sad, you have spent at least eighteen years of your lives nurturing and caring for your children, to the point where they are now ready to become independent and head off to pastures to gain new qualifications. Embrace your newfound freedom, you are no longer a private taxi operator taking your teenagers anywhere they want to go!  No longer having to remind them to bring their dirty washing through and keep their rooms tidy!  Just think of all the extra time and money you will have to enjoy yourselves for a change. Be spontaneous and have some fun, invite friends and family over for a party or go away on a well-deserved holiday, the choices are endless now the children have gone.

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Of course, you can get involved with their move to a different town or city by arranging Van Hire Bristol to pack all their bits and pieces in and transport off to Bristol ready to start at the University there. Your children will obviously have a mobile phone or tablet so that they can keep in touch with you, so it’s not as though you will never see or hear from them again!  They will want to return home often enough to make sure their dirty washing is cleaned and to catch up with news from any family and friends who are still living in their old hometown.

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Of course, you can always go to visit them if you fancy a drive to a different city and arrange to meet them at a café or restaurant for lunch. They will want to show you around their new dormitories or student lodges and of course enjoy being treated to a lovely lunch. They will be proud to introduce you to all their new friends and want you to meet the one special person they have been spending lots of time with. They will also want to show you around their campus and tell you about all the lectures they have taken part in. So, embrace your “Empty Nest” and be proud of yourselves for raising such amazing, independent children.

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