Which supercar to choose in 2018


You can have fun in town with a car of character! We grab the ball flying at the Geneva Motor Show from March 8 to 18 to take stock at major manufacturers! We share some supercar for you.

In the 2000s, sports cars experienced a crossing of the desert and, fortunately, the 2010s once again put them in the spotlight. No more guilt and the sulfurous reputation of tuning, the new models not only assume the heritage of the 80s. But participate in the innovations of the automotive sector. But then, which sports car to choose? Here is our selection.

Which supercar to choose?

The future of the automobile will be combined with the rise of rechargeable electric vehicles and the arrival of the autonomous car. However the pleasure of driving is stronger than anything and the manufacturers have understood it well and renew for a few months, their catalogs of sports vehicles. We take stock of current sports cars and upcoming GTi futures, by 2020.

1.Volkswagen Polo GTi (2018)supercar

If the new generation of Polo was revealed last June, the new Polo GTI will be marketed in the spring of 2018. Like the Clio RS, the future Volkswagen Polo GTi will only be available in a 5-door version. At engine level, it will quietly exceed the 200 hp mark to rub French competitors. It will offer a preview of his cousin Audi S1, the 4-wheel drive option. This future Polo Gti could always leave the choice between manual or automatic DSG gearbox. It is one of the supercars in 2018.

2.Renault Clio RS (2020)supercar

The classic Clio 5 will be released in 2019 and the next generation of Renault Clio “5” RS is expected to be born in 2020. It should always be based on a 4-cylinder unit, but use a micro-hybridization system, provided by the equipment manufacturer. Valeo. The next Renault Clio RS is expected to reach 250 hp. Continue reading- Why the first electric Jaguar is better than the Tesla

3.Audi S1 (2019)supercar

A highly anticipated car and a future hit. The Volkswagen group confirmed that the future Audi S1 will be marketed in 5 doors, in 2019, since 2018 will be dedicated to the new Audi A1. The Quattro transmission will obviously be on the program, and its engine should go from 231 hp to 250 hp. A future RS1 is to be expected flirting with the 300 hp but the development of this jewel is now suspended following the results of the group strongly affected by the disenchantment of the public following the Dieselgate.

4.Peugeot 208 GTi (2019)supercar

The new Peugeot 208 GTi is expected to make its appearance in 2019, also based on the EMP1 technical platform. The lion firm will certainly innovate with a 4 cylinder instead of the usual 3 cylinders, which will give an engine at around 220 hp. Proponents of an automatic transmission and 4-wheel drive will surely be disappointed because, in all likelihood, the future 208 should be without it. It is one of the supercar in 2019.

5.Seat Ibiza Cupra (2018)supercar

With the new Seat Ibiza already arrived in 2017, 2018 should devote the Cupra version, well identified by fans of race cars. The latter should rely on the new technical base MQB “AO”. Which will also have its cousins Polo and A1 in the following months. This future Seat Ibiza Cupra could offer, as an option, an all-wheel drive. Its technical characteristics should overall be close to those of the Polo GTi, to develop a little more than 200 hp. It is one of the supercar in 2018.

6.Citroën C3 Racing (2017)supercar

And Citroën in all this? The chevron mark is withdrawing from the WRC Championship but will complete the PSA Group’s offer by offering a sporting version of the C3 soon after having served the 208 GTI and the DS3. Silence radio for the moment, sign that the response to the competition is preparing. It called the best supercar in 2018.

7.Hyundai i20 N (2018)supercar

On the Korean manufacturer’s side, since the spring of 2017, there has been an i20 N, this N version. Which will also be fitted to the new Hyundai i30. Customary of secrecy and surprise the builder of the quiet morning country will surely lift the veil in a few days at the Geneva show (March 8 to 18).

8.Toyota Supra 2018supercar

Missing since 2002, the Supra is preparing to return to fill the Toyota range. It should be reborn in 2018, with underparts now shared with BMW, but still Japanese mechanics and aesthetics. Toyota has teamed up with BMW to get the best sports model possible and to reduce costs as well as risks.  The future Supra will, therefore. Use the same base as the replacement of the roadster Z4 (which could for its part be called Z5). Long hood, rear truncated … rather spectacular, the silhouette will be inspired by the concept of FT-1.

To continue the tradition, this Japanese will also benefit from an attractive price-performance ratio. On the other hand, the engine should derogate with the habits of the lineage. Rather than a six-cylinder in line, a new V6 3.0 turbo. Common to the new Lexus L, seems indeed hold the rope, with 340 ch minimum.

9.Cupra Atecasupercar

You do not dream we did not say Cupra and not Seat because the Spanish firm decided like Fiat with Abarth. Citroën with DS and Volvo with Polestar to create a brand-specific to its sports models. Here is the Cupra Ateca, the first sporty model of the new Seat brand. On the menu, a nasty look and especially a 2.0 TSI engine of 300 hp capable of propelling it to 245 km / h! Seat plans to launch 7 new models by 2021, including a Cupra Ibiza, a Cupra Arona and a hybrid model. It called the best supercar in 2018.

10.Polestar 2018supercar

Volvo is launching its distinctive Polestar brand, which will eventually be exclusively dedicated to high-performance rechargeable hybrids. The first model 100% Polestar will be a couple delivering a power of 600 hp. Unsurprisingly, the thermal technical base will be the 320 hp 2.0 petrol engine. It is the strongest four-cylinder engine in the lineup and is used on the Volvo XC90 T6 and T8. The power gain will be obtained by the use of a more powerful electric motor. For the record, the Volvo XC 90 T8 has the reinforcement of an electric machine developing the equivalent of 87 hp with a cumulative 407 hp.

You will understand the news of sports cars promises to be well loaded. You wished to be exhaustive in this file. And we will, therefore, take a close look at Switzerland in a few days.

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