Best RV Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Best RV Storage Solutions

As an RV enthusiast looking to live mobile on a budget, finding enough storage space can be a real challenge. Between gear, clothing, food, and daily essentials, our tiny homes on wheels fill up fast. But with some creative thinking and RV storage solutions made for small spaces, you can make the most of every nook and cranny. This guide will explore budget-friendly RV organization ideas to maximize your storage, even in tight quarters.

Assess Your Storage Needs

Before diving into specific RV storage hacks, take stock of your actual storage requirements. Analyze the items you need access to every day vs. those used less frequently. This helps you determine optimal storage locations based on convenience.

For instance, daily use bathroom toiletries are best stashed near the RV shower. But seasonal camping equipment can be tucked away in harder-to-access spaces since you won’t need them regularly. Taking inventory also prevents bringing extraneous stuff that will just take up precious space.

Now, let’s explore handy and affordable RV storage solutions to house all your road trip necessities while fitting your budget.

Optimize Closet and Cabinet Spaces

The closets, cabinets, and cubby holes already built into your RV are prime real estate for storage. Make the most of what you already have with these tips:

Install Organizers – Slide-out drawer organizers and drop-in bins customize cabinet spaces for ultimate utility. Label them by category too.

Use Space Efficiently – Install extra shelves or racks to double vertical storage capacity. Also, store items you rarely need up high.

Try Hanging Organizers – Hanging shoe bags add extra closet space and prevent a messy floor. Use them for toiletries, flashlights, small tools and more.

Overall, optimizing the existing storage in your RV is a budget friendly way to gain capacity without taking up additional floor space.

Multi-Functional Furniture Does Double Duty

Multi-Functional Furniture Does Double Duty

RV furniture needs to work extra hard by serving dual functions – and the same goes for storage space. Here are some prime furniture pieces that pull double duty:

Benches & Beds – Storage benches offer seating and interior storage at once. You can stash anything from shoes to fishing rods inside. Under-bed drawers also convert your mattress into storage real estate.

Fold-Up Tables – Collapsible tables save room until you need extra food prep space or a makeshift desk. Look for ones with interior storage cubbies too.

Ottomans – Square ottomans are cushy extra seats that flip open to reveal spacious storage for bedding, games, books and more. The flat top even makes an impromptu coffee table.

Getting furniture that multitasks for both storage and seating/sleeping gives you more functional space in a compact RV footprint.

Repurpose Unused Nooks and Crannies

It’s easy to overlook the awkward, narrow spaces in your RV, but they represent found storage opportunities. Get creative about fitting items into every available cranny with RV storage solutions like:

Curtain Pockets – Sew pockets onto the inner shower curtain to store toiletries within arm’s reach.

Door Organizers – Install over-the-door storage pouches on the back of doors to neatly hang keys, hats, reusable bags and more.

Under Seat Storage – Milk crates or plastic bins under the dinette seats become instant covered storage for cooking tools, paper goods, or anything you want handy but out of sight.

Looking at the unused/overlooked spaces in your rig sparks inventive storage ideas tailored to your unique layout.

Strategic Exterior Storage Extends Your Space

While we’ve focused on storage inside your RV, don’t neglect the outside either. Your tow vehicle, external compartments, and hitch haul can house larger, heavy or messy items you don’t necessarily want taking up interior space. Ideas include:

Hitch Mount Storage – Hitch haul cargo boxes ride securely on your trailer hitch to transport bulky camping gear, trash cans, generators and more. No trailer space required.

Roof Storage Pods – Roof storage pods or cases mount above your RV for keeping infrequently accessed items like seasonal clothing.

Tow Vehicle – Pack your car’s trunk with emergency tools, outdoor games, sports gear, pet supplies and anything else that won’t fit inside the RV. Saves interior room.

Undercarriage Compartments – Use your RV’s external compartments to organize tools, chemicals, water/sewer hoses and other utilitarian accessories.

Remember your RV has storage space extending beyond the walls. Use it wisely to remove clutter from inside.

Carefully Curate Your Possessions

Perhaps the most valuable RV storage solutions costs no money at all – simply reduce the sheer amount you pack. Carefully curating (and minimizing) your possessions based on necessity keeps your tiny house manageable. Tips include:

Only Bring the Essentials – Be ruthlessly minimalist about clothing, kitchenware, toys, decor and everything else. If you can live without it daily, leave it at home.

Digitize Media – Scan documents to reduce paper clutter and download eBooks versus packing physical books. Store files on a slim external hard drive or cloud-based servers.

Borrow Bulky Gear – For short trips where you’ll only use an item once or twice (say fishing poles or golf clubs), consider renting instead of sacrificing storage to stow your own.

Multi-purpose Items – Seek space-saving 2-in-1 products like shampoo/conditioner combos or colanders that double as strainers.

Editing down to the true essentials tailored to your lifestyle is key to maximizing limited RV storage. Remember, you can always swap items in and out of storage between trips if needed.

Regularly Purge and Reorganize

Regularly Purge and Reorganize for RV Storage Solutions

Regardless of your best organizational efforts, RV storage spaces fill up quicker than we expect. Make it a habit to periodically purge what you don’t need so prime real estate doesn’t get swallowed up by forgotten items or clutter.

Aim to clear out and reorganize storage zones once per season fully. As the weather changes, so do our gear needs – out with the old to make space for the new. You’ll be surprised how much you accumulate.

Of course, conduct mini purge & reorganize sessions more regularly too. Set reminders to tackle one storage area per month, making the task less overwhelming than doing everything at once.

Staying on top of storage overflow ensures you waste less precious square footage and keep daily essentials handy.

Last Words

At the end of the day, RV living on a budget means getting savvy about storage space. But armed with organizational hacks and smart downsizing strategies, you can store all required gear comfortably, even in tight spaces.

The key lessons from this storage guide include:

  • Assess needs frequently and purge unused items
  • Optimize existing cabinets/furniture with organizers
  • Seek multi-functional and hidden storage spaces
  • Use external storage to remove bulk from the interior
  • Edit possessions down to true essentials

Getting into a habit of editing and reorganizing prevents wasted space that makes small living feel smaller. With some selectivity and creativity, your RV will offer all the comforts of home through smart storage design.

Now it’s your turn to start maximizing every inch! What RV storage solutions will you try first in your tiny house on wheels?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best RV storage containers?

Plastic bins, canvas pop-up bins, and customizable drawer organizers rank among the most versatile and affordable RV storage containers. Opt for stackable versions to save floor space.

How do I maximize unused space in my RV?

Install organizers in existing cabinets, use hanging pocket organizers, place storage benches under tables, and repurpose crannies like the gaps beneath dinette seats. These overlooked spots can gain you valuable cubic footage.

Where should I put items I rarely use in an RV?

Infrequently used items are prime candidates to keep external from your RV itself. Try overhead roof pods, hitch cargo boxes, undercarriage compartments, and your tow vehicle’s trunk to house bulky or seasonal accessories offsite.

What household items should I exclude from my RV?

In general, omit any duplicates, bulky appliances, items requiring permanent installation, fragile decor, stacks of reading material, excessive clothing, and anything requiring temperature/humidity control exceeding your RV’s systems.

Should I rent items instead of storing them in my RV?

If an item seems bulky relative to how often you’ll actually use it, renting can be smarter long term. Sporting goods, yard tools, folding tables, spare generators and other situational gear that merely takes up permanent storage space are great rental candidates.

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